My Song Montage

Remixing sound effects and songs are well known in the modern day music industry, in this task i had to make my own collection. I had to collect different sounds and effects that i had heard from the last 24 hours and put them in a montage of them. The application i used was Adobe […]

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Tilt Shift Effect

The tilt shift effect is used for several reasons; to create the illusion of focusing on a specific area or to make it seem that a specific area is further away than it is in a picture. For this task I had to alter an image given to me and add the tilt shift effect […]

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Promo Flyer (Task 1.5)

Flyers are an alternative to advertising products, other than TV adverts and posters around public areas. This task involved me making 3 A5 flyers for a product; one had to be an ordinary poster, another in an appropriate place where the item is used, and a poster where it would be very unusual and almost […]

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Making Text with Shapes

Fonts can be made of several different shapes and sizes, each font is unique. In this task I had to make my own font, similar to a task I did before, but this time I had to use shapes such as circles, rectangles and triangles, instead of just little squares. Just like the font-creating task […]

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Patterns (Task 2.3)

Patterns are constantly around us, especially in games, when it comes to polygons and codes to make the games the high quality that they are today. In this task I was asked to develop a range of different patterns using different tools and shapes. I did not use Photoshop for this task, instead I used […]

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