Video Game Posters

Posters are a large contribution to the media society, it helps people relate back to the game without having to play it. Gaming posters have been around for a long time stretching over decades for example here is a poster from the 1978 game Space Invades next to a game called ‘Destiny’ released over 30 years later. Posters have increased in detail throughout the decades, becoming more detailed and portray more of the games story line/ game play, yet at the same time leaving some imagination to the viewers. Space and Destiny

A good example of a gaming poster would be the one from DmC: Devil May Cry which is a video game released by the design company Capcom. DmC-DEVIL-MAY-CRY-PosterIn this poster we can see the main character, Dante, walking away from a city exploding behind him, whilst he’s giving a very serious look to the viewer of the poster. From this we can figure out that this game will encounter violence and a lot of action, we know this because of the two guns that are being held by Dante and the fiery glow underneath the chunks of ground rising into the air. However with this poster doesn’t reveal anything about the actual story board- it only gives a hint to what kind of game it will be. There is a peculiar colour scheme when it comes to this poster because there are a mixed of dark/ rich colours for the bottom half, whereas the top half is quite bright various light shades of blue and green. The use of black on Dante’s character indicates that Dante is very secretive and mysterious- he’s covering up emotions from his past and emotional stress. The different shades of reds being used with in the poster resembles motivation, determination and revenge- making it more of a mystery as to what goes on in the story. On the other hand the light blues show a stress free environment, which contrasts with Dante’s character, this could mean that even though reality may seem calm and peaceful, the environment near Dante is quite vicious and stressful. Overall this makes a good gaming poster because it doesn’t portray too much of the game plot, but it does give a vague idea as to what the game is about, it intrigues the viewer and makes them interested in the game.

Unlike the poster from DmC: Devil May Cry, this poster from the Sims 2 is not very interesting therefor not making it a good poster.pizza_delivery_girl_poster The Sims 2 poster contains a pizza delivery girl, holding a box of pizza in front of a blank white background. Nothing seems to be happening in this poster compared to the DmC poster. Using a white background links to the gameplay in the sense that when you start a game on the Sims, you begin with a blank canvas and then you create a unique game depending on the character and relationships you create, but the poster seems too blank and it wouldn’t interest the viewer as much as another poster would. Additionally the poster give no hints to what the story will be like so it will not make them go out and buy the game, unlike DmC.

The last poster is from a recent game called ‘Until Dawn’, this poster is minimalistic but it does capture the audience from what it does have. Hayden-Panettiere-Poster-Until-DawnThis poster has a ‘folded picture’ effect on a picture which can make the viewer think that this game has something to do with distant/forgotten memories, this kind of effect automatically tells fans that game is part of the horror genre, which it is. On the left of the poster is a cabin surrounded by snow which is faded in the picture, so it seems that the cabin is some sort of evil place that has a key role in the story. Move onto the face of Hayden Panettiere, who is also known as Sam in Until Dawn, where she seems to be frightened by something- seeing that both her face and the cabin are in the picture shows that they’re linked possibly by a memory that has come back to haunt her. This poster does reveal a lot when it comes to what the game is about but it also excludes key ideas that are in the game. I would say that this poster is better than DmC: Devil May Cry because it pulls in the audience more and it has more of a story to be unfolded, whereas DmC only has a city in the background, there doesn’t seem to be a reason as to why Dante and the city are related. The use of dark colours, on top of the rest the makes this a well-made poster, portrays a mysterious tone, making it even more intriguing for viewers because they want to know what happens in the game.

In conclude we can see that there are all kinds of posters in the gaming community, some better than others for example Until Dawn’s poster is far better than ‘Sims 2’ because even though they both show very minimum, the Until Dawn poster shows way more story, detail and effects that will draw in audiences much faster. We can tell from the posters above that a good movie poster should be able to tell the viewers what genre the game is, as well as hinting what might happen in the storyline, hence why DmC and Until Daw are worthy posters, they show items that have key roles in the game, whether it be the protagonist or a specific location.


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