Promo Flyer (Task 1.5)

Flyers are an alternative to advertising products, other than TV adverts and posters around public areas. This task involved me making 3 A5 flyers for a product; one had to be an ordinary poster, another in an appropriate place where the item is used, and a poster where it would be very unusual and almost impractical to see this product. The product I was given was ‘an ice cream’.

Screenshot (26)The first thing I did when came to creating the poster was to look at other posters that have been produced so then I can get an idea as to what an ice cream poster should look like. Many of the posters gave a very basic yet effective look to them, so that gave me the idea for my first poster. I decided to call my ice cream ‘Swirly’ because I wanted to make my own brand of ice cream which was similar to the 99, but with a new and improved twist. What I did was create a gradient for the background going from white to pink/ purple, and then used the ‘Quick Mask Tool’ to select the ice cream in my image and copy it onto a new layer. One of the criteria was to create a slogan from our products, mine was ‘BECAUSE EVERYTHING NEEDS A TWIST’, I used this because I wanted it to seem as if there was a new twist on a classic ice cream, and the fact that the ice cream it twisted. Both the slogan, product name and subtitle are the same font- this gives the poster a professional yet fun look.Icecream Poster1

My next flyer was to put an ice cream in an appropriate place, basically where you would normally see an ice cream, so I decided to put the ‘Swirly’ ice cream in someone’s hand, which the background of Brighton Beach- a beach that many people know and can relate too. I used the same technique of cropping the ice-cream from the original picture and removing the background, however I cropped the colour of the swirl of the original image so then I could change the colour of the ice cream, making it look slightly different from the starting image. Additionally I added the word ‘BUBBLEGUM’ under the title, to make it seem as if it is a promotional flyer for a new flavour.Icecream Poster248e917d43c197efab15ec097ae1055aa

For my last poster I had to put my product in an unusual situation/ background. A dark swamp seemed appropriate because no one expects there to be ice cream in an evil-looking wetland. Unlike the other posters, I decided to put more than one kind of ice cream on this poster to show that there would be varied flavours of ‘Swirly’. I used a couple of the images in the previous flyers because I knew I could change the colours of the ice cream to make them seem different. As well as altering the colours of the ice cream, I also changed the colour of the text (to a dark grey) and the ‘Cornetto’ logo (to a murky green), this would give the overall poster a creepy look, which I was planning to give off.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.24.39Icecream Poster 3

In conclusion I enjoyed this task because I was able to make something creative about something simple, but on the other hand I did not finish the task properly. I was supposed to make a flyer of an ice-cream in a very unlikely place such as a BBQ, volcano or any other warm places, but I was unable to create the flyer in time, though I did make a simple poster which looks like an actual ice cream poster. The hardest poster to create, in my opinion, would be the one with the ice cream in the usual place because I did not know how to use the blur tool and I had to replace the ice cream that was originally in the hand, which I had never done before. I did enjoy this task and I would enjoy doing it again in the future. I feel like if I had more time I could complete the task to the written criteria, as well as possibly making flyers for a different product.

POSTER NEEDED: (Placing a product in an environment where it would not be seen) 22/10/15


With this poster i had to put my product in an environment where you would never see am ice cream. I decided a fire place would be appropriate background because if an ice cream was there is would melt and burn almost instantly, it would be almost impossible for an ice cream to remain as a solid. Similar to the poster where the ice cream was in an unusual place, i place more than one ice cream in the flyer, however i didn’t alter the colours of the ice cream, i kept them their original colours. Something that i did differently to the unusual flyer, was to erase parts of the ice cream so it seems that some of them are behind the logs, additionally i changed the opacity to seem as if the flames are infant of the ice cream.


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