Tilt Shift Effect

The tilt shift effect is used for several reasons; to create the illusion of focusing on a specific area or to make it seem that a specific area is further away than it is in a picture. For this task I had to alter an image given to me and add the tilt shift effect using various tools, I also had to experiment with the different types of tilt shift, especially circle and line.photo_without_tilt_shift_effect

The first step was putting the chosen image on the ‘Background Layer’ and then duplicating it because then I would be able to compare the original image to the edited on, without having to under all of my steps. In most tilt shift images you can see that the colours are much more vibrant than real life, so what I did was click Image >Adjustments >Hue/Saturation, this would allow me to change the level of saturation in the image- I wanted to change it so it looked full of colour but not so much that it would completely change the image. The next step was to select the Gradient Tool, which would give me several option in the tab bar, which would then allow me to select a different gradient modes. After selecting the Circle gradient for my first choice, I then had to click Filter >Blur >Gaussian Blur, and just like the saturation, I could change the amount of blur there was on this image.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.31.11

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.34.27Blurred Circle thingOnce I was pleased with my Circle gradient image, I had to repeat the same process but instead of using the Circle gradient I had to using the Line gradient. By having a line gradient, it makes it seem that the editor wants the viewers to look at a specific fraction of the image, instead of a small area. However there was a part of a building close the camera where it wasn’t blurred even though it should’ve been. To change this, all I did was select the Blur Tool are paint over the building, so then it helped to focus on the Zebra crossing more.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.41.40Line blurred thing

I did find this task challenging at first considering I had not used this tool before, but once I remembered the different steps I found it easier as I went along. I fi had more time on this project I believe that I could’ve created more tilt shift photos, possibly with different landscape (or portrait) photos and even alter the colour as the image is blurred. I feel like I could’ve increased the blur on the Circle gradient because compared to the Line gradient, I believe it isn’t as good.


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