Ambient Sound Loop Task 1.3

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58   Sound for Interactive Media   Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research Assessor Mark Parsons Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 10/12/15       Task. write about the following Response Type of production     I am planning to create a sound loop around […]

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Architect Exposition Task 2

Since the day of dawn to the 21st century there has been visual communication. Humans have had many ways to portray their ideas and messages to each other, from painting on wall to sending emojis on iPhones. There has always been a way to communicate visually. One of the first recorded visual communications was discovered in […]

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Ambient Sound Loop Task 1.2

For my ambients loop(s) I want to try and make the loop very energetic yet have a hint of historical ambience considering players will be racing around Windsor Castle. The aim to make the sound loop to be like dubstep so I am planning to add fast repeating beats with instruments that have a low […]

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Architect Exposition Task 4

After all the pages of sketches and rough notes for my final designs, I used the programme CC Photoshop to create them. Compared to each A3 design, I did make some adjustments when it came to positioning, colour scheme and wording. I decided out of all three architecture posters, I decided that my final poster […]

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Architect Exposition Task 3

After looking at the different post modern and modern posters I have designed a few rough sketches with different ideas for my three different poster designs. By having quick sketches it can give me a general idea that I can work on a develop. I included ideas such as the basic shape, colour scheme and […]

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Video Game Interface Task 4

This task consisted of myself and 3 other people talking about each others work, discussing what is good about our user interfaces and what could be improved. Unfortunately the printer I used only printed in black and white so it was difficult to show what was difficult to show the difference of teams, however I did […]

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