Video Game Interface Task 4

This task consisted of myself and 3 other people talking about each others work, discussing what is good about our user interfaces and what could be improved. Unfortunately the printer I used only printed in black and white so it was difficult to show what was difficult to show the difference of teams, however I did attempt to tell my group instead of showing them. These are some of the notes that I took down after discussing my speedometers to my group.

I liked the idea of combining both ideas together to give more of a futuristic look because each speedometer has futuristic features about them, however I will attempt to make the final speedometer like the speedometer on the left because it has a background that I can work with very well and it was much easier to edit than the other two speedometers. I also enjoy the idea of have another smaller duplicate of my speedometer to show how fast the vehicle is going but with a different measurement so the overall speedometer(s) seems more universal. However I don’t agree with adding a fuel/ electrical gauge because I believe that there would too many features for players to look at and it might ruin the gameplay.

After looking at the comments about my speedometer, I ended up changing a lot, yet still keeping features from my original ideas. Whilst creating the speedometers on CC Illustrator 2015, I had my notes up of my blog and the written comments about my first sketches- this allowed me to keep making references and not loose track. The first thing I did was to create the circle for the units to be placed on and the Polar Grid, I released as well that in order to have the vehicle go faster than 90 mph I had to increase the radial dividers, so I increased the number to 35. Having the car go faster than 90 mph was a main point comment given to me by my group, as well as that I also added a gradient for the speed bar as well as having the numbers going up by 20 to 220 mph instead of going up one by one. To make the speedometer transparent instead of putting a circle behind the gradient bar, I used a tool called Add Anchor Point, this would allow me to create new point on my polar grid, which I then was able to cut out using the Scissors tool. Similar to my first design, I decided to make the colour of the gradient bar similar colours to the team. However before I created the speedometer that goes up to 220 MPH I created one that went to 90 MPH, a previous mistake I made but had to quickly repair.

Additionally I mentioned the various maps I was thinking about for my track and we all agreed that Windsor Castle would be the best choice because it has a historical monument that would be fascinating to race around, however using this course will be challenging due to all the different shops and ground levels around Windsor Castle. I managed to create a 3D map in Cinema 4D, using this photo for reference. The first thing i did was split the camera into 4 views so I could see the X, Y, Z and free perspective. I then inserted the map into the Top camera, this then let me trace the track shape using the Spline Tool. To make the track 3D I added a rectangle filter using the Sweep Tool.

Screenshot (38)

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 16.28.12Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 16.28.32Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 16.28.55Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 16.29.39




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