Architect Exposition Task 3

After looking at the different post modern and modern posters I have designed a few rough sketches with different ideas for my three different poster designs. By having quick sketches it can give me a general idea that I can work on a develop. I included ideas such as the basic shape, colour scheme and possible slogans. From the minimalistic designs that I sketched I knew i was going to be using the programme CC Photoshop.


The design that I first developed was the Big Ben design because it is so iconic and this building is a well known British piece of architecture. My original idea was inspired by the minimalistic poster of architecture where artists use basic shapes to represent an iconic or modern building. My colour scheme was going to be red, white and blue to symbolise the Union Jack, trying to subtly tell viewers that this piece of architecture is from the United Kingdom.

Ben Ben Sketch Poster

I wanted to go with a British theme so i only wanted to design architecture posters for British buildings. The second building I wanted to create a print for was the Arcelormittal Orbit, which was one of the key tourist attractions in the London Olympics 2012, placed right next to the Olympic Stadium. I wanted to go for a similar colour scheme to the Big Ben poster (red, white and blue) to symbolise that this is a British monument. This poster would be more of a challenge to illustrate considering the unusual shapes that the Orbit has and not being very experienced with Photoshop.

Orbit SKetch Poster


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