Ambient Sound Loop Task 1.2

For my ambients loop(s) I want to try and make the loop very energetic yet have a hint of historical ambience considering players will be racing around Windsor Castle. The aim to make the sound loop to be like dubstep so I am planning to add fast repeating beats with instruments that have a low and high range, whilst adding noises that remind people of racing. One key artist that I want to look at for inspiration is Tenoaxe, especially with his songs ‘I Crank the Disco Fuzz’, ‘I’m Everywhere’ and ‘Tribute to the Glitchmob’. Furthermore I looked into online Medieval artists and I came across BrunuhVille who created a piece called ‘Song of the North’, which will give me ideas as to how Medieval music sounds and what kind of melody’s there are.

Before this task I created a 30 second long sound loop using CC Audition. I did this by collecting various sounds that I had heard throughout the last 24 hours which included well known songs, viral videos, video game sound effects and iconic movie soundtracks.

Whilst also listening to dubstep to help inspire me for certain beats and rhythms, I have also been collecting sounds that people usually associate with cars- slamming doors shut, revving engines, blinking indicators and tire screeching. However I’ve also been looking at various sounds/ instruments that can relate to medieval castles so harps, bagpipes and banjos, this will hopefully give the player and exhilarating yet a historical feeling. I used my iPhone 5C to record the various car sounds because it picks up high quality sounds as well there being three microphones on my phone, eliminating the echo sound that might be captured if i was recording with just one microphone. The reason as to why I recorded such large files was so then I could split it into smaller parts if i wanted to, furthermore the sound effects would slowly fade out rather than there being a sudden stop.Additionally I also downloaded various sounds off FreeSound that other people had hand recorded.

I experimented with Garage Band, using various instruments and various sound effects. The sound loop I created was 22 seconds long and it contains three different instrument; Electric Piano, Sub Synth Bass and Trance Bass. However I didn’t start off with these instruments, I ended up getting these instruments through trial and error. A racing game tends to have a very energetic sound loop so i wanted to make it sound fast, yet still have some room to add sound effects (engines revving, crowds screaming, instruments, etc), if I wanted to. On the other hand, being as I am not used to working with audio I struggled with using the correct instruments together as well as keeping them in beat with one another. I believe that with practice I could make a better sound loop, even though this i just the background music.



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