Architect Exposition Task 2

Since the day of dawn to the 21st century there has been visual communication. Humans have had many ways to portray their ideas and messages to each other, from painting on wall to sending emojis on iPhones. There has always been a way to communicate visually.

One of the first recorded visual communications was discovered in France, there were collections of cave paintings that cavemen had painted with mud, charcoal, ochre and anything cavemen could find. It has been said that these drawings were to be ‘Hunting magic’- this would increase the number of animals that they could hunt. These cave painting have been dated to be painted over 40,000 years ago, so this would place these cavemen in the Upper Paleothic era.

Fast forward to 5000-9000 BC, several ancient culture began adapting communications to create lettering and eventually created ideogram, a kind of text that was written downwards, instead of the 21st century where most of us write across a page. Historians have proved that this form of communication had descended from regions of the world such as Oceania, Africa and America. This form of writing was the basis of text such as cuneiform and hieroglyphs.

Thousands of years later writing developed into various alphabets. Due to science knowledge rapidly increasing , historians and physicists had to write down their ideas and these different ideas eventually formed into books. This was a new way of people keeping all their notes and visual communications in one place, one of the first manuscripts was created between 400-600 AD and was largely manufactured in Europe, especially countries such as Italy and Ireland.

Due to modern technology visual communications began to adapt rapidly, so text and drawings could now be printed, not drawn. This allowed people to see multiple copies of someone’s work or development ideas. The first recorded print was in 1501 by a musician with the name Ottaviano Petrucci, who printed a collection of his music pieces. However it wasn’t until the 17th century that printing became a large thing- this was when people began printing books, notes, illustrations, etc.

After a couple of centuries printing became a regular things and artist began to interpret designs to portray various political views and cultures, this era of art started in the late 16th century to the early 17th century- this particular part of visual communication began in France. Around the 1900’s this then developed into what artists would then called modernism where posters were frequently used and abstract art started to unfold. Printing was now being used in many different shapes and sizes from Vinyl covers to Bus Stop posters.

In the present day printing is used for almost anything, from advertising cars to political views and scanning/ printing is now at out fingertips. Thanks to modern technology posters and art have now become more detailed and colourful making it much easier to capture the eye of viewers and get their message seen. Furthermore photography is now a key part of modern day posters, instead of having to hand painting a still image.


The style I want to go for is a very modern/ block colour, yet also looking drawn so then it can remind viewers of the style of the 19th century, as well as the 21st century. I will draw the design on Photoshop so then i can create the posters faster and more effiecently.


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