Ambient Sound Loop Task 1.3

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD
Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58  

Sound for Interactive Media


Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research
Assessor Mark Parsons
Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 10/12/15




Task. write about the following Response
Type of production



I am planning to create a sound loop around 2 to 2 and a half minutes long for a racing car video game. The scene in which the driver(s) are going to race will be in London, circuiting around Windsor castle. The ambient loop I am hopefully going to create will hopefully be thrilling so players will get excited whilst playing, as well as that I am planning to add sounds associated with cars (for example revving engines, doors slamming, crowds cheering, etc.) to help the player get completely submerged into the racing atmosphere. Furthermore I want to attempt to reflect the area the drivers will be racing through, so there may be sounds people would relate to medieval times or historical castles- instruments such as the harp, flue or bagpipes.





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Produce a weekly planner:

01 Research


07 Write about completed small sound loop(s)
02 Research


08 Begin final sound loop
03 Experiment with different audio files (Practice Adobe Audition)


09 Continue final sound loop
04 Collect various recordings and audio files


10 Finish sound loop/ annotate
05 Practice making small sound loop


11 Ensure everything is finished, annotated & uploaded
06 Continue but with sound effects added in


12 Extra time to finish any incomplete work.



Public drivers who drove past me, as well as family members who would do task such as closing doors and revving car engines.





An item that I used to help record sounds was my iPhone 5C which has a total of 3 microphones so it is able to pick up clear sound from almost any direction. The microphone has Automatic Gain Control which enables the mobile phone to capture HD audio files. The app I would use to record sounds was called ‘Voice Notes’.

Additionally I used Creative Cloud Audition to put the audio files recorded/ downloaded into a collection and produce the audio loops. This programme took me a while to get used to but I practiced using it by creating an audio loop in the past and just experimenting with different sounds.

The third programme I used was ‘Garage Band’, this allowed me to experiment with different sounding instruments and unusual sounds to create repeating rhythms, to help make the audio loop seem more like an exciting song rather than a collection of racing sounds bundled together.





Audio collector, Heigh-Hoo on they were the person who recorded the sound ‘Passing Race Cars’. This sound was recorded using a Sony MD Walkman and two omni microphones.





One of the locations where I would record various sounds would be Nelson Road bridge, this is a bridge where cars would drive past and regular trains. By collecting these sounds it allows me to create a rural/ busy environment- some words that people would describe London considering the population.

The computer that I would work programmes such as Garage Band and Creative Cloud Audition would be Kingston College due to me not having neither of these programmes on my PC. I was very restricted to the amount of time I had when I came to working on the audio files so this made it difficult. However I was able to use ‘Garage Band’ at home because I had it installed on my iPad Air 2 so if I wanted to experiment with different rhythms or instruments, I had the opportunity to do so.


Health and Safety



There are many health and safety precautions that I had to remind myself of when finding audio files, creating the audio loops and in just in general working with a PC/ iMac.

One of the main measurements I had to remember was being an arm length away from my PC, by doing this it would reduce the chances of my eyes becoming strained, allowing me to do more work and concentrate on doing better work. Another way in which I prevented eyestrain was by adjusting the brightness of my screens whether it be a Mac or PC, when looking at a screen, I would make sure that my computer monitor would be at eye level or at least facing me, preventing me from having to move my neck and getting neck pains as well as eye strains. I would adjust the various levels by tilting the monitor or alter the height of my desk chair.


Codes of Practice



When creating my sound files I need to ensure that I don’t use large sections of mainstream music otherwise this would be considered Copy Right, unless I chose a part that was a few seconds long and I distorted/ changed it so much that it was almost unrecognisable. Even then I wouldn’t want to add a song people already know, otherwise it wouldn’t seem like an original game.If I didn’t take Copy Right laws into consideration, there would be penalties for both me and my game.

The website that I went to for sound effects that I could use in my sound loop, if getting sounds were difficult, was this site has a wide range of original sound effects that are free to download, without having to consider any Copy Right laws.


Sound file list (<1 second) (34 seconds) (36 seconds)




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