What is a ‘brand’?

A brand is a particular name given to a company that sell particular merchandise. To create a successful brand it takes a long time to plan a develop, even though it may be time consuming it almost certainly has a positive outcome. A brand has to include features such as logos, colour schemes, slogans and […]

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Video Game Interface Task 6

Overall I have managed to create many things for a driving simulator including speedometers, car logos, team names, maps, placement and lap time. Throughout the project I mainly used three programmes; Cinema 4D, CC Illustrator 2015 and CC Photoshop 2015. Before doing this project I wasn’t familiar with these programmes, the only one I had […]

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Video Game Interface Task 5

The interfaces and designs of my team logos, speedometers and car placement are below. I had worked from both college and home to complete these interfaces. Out of all the interfaces I would say that the speedometers took the most time because I had to use a programme that I was not familiar to and […]

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Pan and Volume Practice

For practice for my sound loop I was taught two new techniques on Adobe Audition CC 2015. The two tools that I used were called ‘Pan’ and ‘Volume’, these were found when I would place an audio file onto a ‘Multitrack Session’ and see the yellow and blue line- the blue would represent ‘Pan’ and […]

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Ambient Sound Task 3

For my sound loop creations I wanted to create a medieval vibe yet being electric considering my racing game will take place in the future with electric and/ or hybrid cars.¬†I had created¬†samples of various instruments on Garage Band, some including a Pop Flute, Skye Breath, Versova, Metropolis, Tight Synth Bass and Shimmering Flute. I […]

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Warburton Research.2

There are many adverts/ campaigns that have gone viral- this is significantly helps to get the public to purchase or follow their ideas. There have been thousands of adverts throughout the decades, one of the first adverts ever broadcasted was in 1965, where they were were advertising a tube of GR Toothpaste. One of the […]

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Warburton Research

  The mood board I have created is a compilation of various things that I may need to reference during my animation, including the new Warburton’s Thin Bagel, Bolton Wanderers, Bolton birds eye view and neutral living rooms. I want to make subtle reference to Bolton considering Warburton is from Bolton. The protagonist, an old […]

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