Warburton Research.2

There are many adverts/ campaigns that have gone viral- this is significantly helps to get the public to purchase or follow their ideas. There have been thousands of adverts throughout the decades, one of the first adverts ever broadcasted was in 1965, where they were were advertising a tube of GR Toothpaste.

One of the most significant adverts that I know, as well as one that I experienced was the one I mentioned in ‘Warburton Task 2’, which was ‘Dumb Ways To Die’. This advert was campaigning safety at train stations and telling people what not to do. ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ has nearly had 120 million views since 2012. Due to this advert being so viral, two mobile games had been released called ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ and ‘Dumb Ways To Die 2: Death Olympics’. In these games the player has to prevent the characters from dying, if you allow them to die you loose 1 life and the player has 3 lives in total. Furthermore each round gets more and more challenging the more you play.

A recent advert that had become popular in advertising is Just Eat’s advert ‘Balti Rocks’, where a man sings a parody about ‘Mushroom Fried Rice’ to the song ‘I Need a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler. This advert was released on the 1st October 2015 and has had over 1.3 million views since then. Unlike ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, this advert was not as popular because audience began to find it annoying, however they released a new advert 2 months later called ‘Madras, Baby’, where the lady in the lady in the previous advert sings a cover of ‘I See You Baby’ by Goove Armada, about Chicken Madras.

Another advert that I have experienced on television was ‘Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers’. In this advert Disney Characters his behind a screen and mimicking shoppers movements, characters included Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, etc. The reason as to why this advert was so popular (with over 5 million views since February 2015) was because most ages groups enjoy Disney and their different characters, considering it has been around since 1923. The reason as to why this advert was created was created was to get people interested in visiting their various Disney parks around the world.

Evian water also made a viral campaign where babies were dancing in rollerblades, just like full grown adults, this concept became very popular and Evian ended up doing again 4 years with their advert ‘baby&me’. They incorporated their original advert of dancing duplicating people’s movements, similar to the Disney adverts, but this advert was released sooner. In this video, as well as advertising their water, they were also advertising the release of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’. These adverts were entitled ‘baby&me’. the first campaign they published was in 2013 and has had 112 million views, almost as viral as ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, but ‘baby&me2’ (Spider-man edition) only had 1/3 of ‘baby&me’ views, however I prefer this campaign because it incorporates two products and it can appeal to a whole new culture who are into comic book characters. This advert tries to encourage people to drink more water.

Another company that has had very successful videos created are the mobile phone service  ‘Three’. One of their biggest videos also started their own trend on Twitter with the hashtag #DancePonyDance. This video consisted of a shetland pony moon walking around a field, confidently passing horses and anything that was in its path, additionally the pony smiles at the end of the video. ‘Three’ was trying to get people to buy different mobile phones and accept some of the deals they created. The mobile phone company also created other bizarre adverts with other hashtags, including #SingItKitty (where a little girl and a cat lip sync ‘We Built this City’ by Starship), #makeitright and #holidayspam.

In 2014 the feminine hygiene company ‘Always’ created a campaign that has over 60 million views. This also involved social media, specifically Twitter, by using the hashtag #LikeAGirl. This campaign was to help girls who were hitting their puberty to maintain high confidence and not be engulfed by the stereotype of girls; wearing loads of makeup, bad at sports, interested in the colour to pink, etc. In this advert ‘Always’ got a lot of girls from all ages and act out something ‘like a girl’, however young girls who don’t know the phrase act naturally.

The last video I selected was a safety campaign for Air New Zealand, this video was also celebrating the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’. This advert had a bunch of flight attendant staff, as well as stars from the film; Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman, John Rhys-Davies and Sir Peter Jackson. By including popular actors in an advert, the campaign gets attention from both the celebrities fans and the companies fans. The staff were dressed as iconic characters from the film and giving Airplane safety instructions, just like flight attendants, but some how linking it back to ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’.

Overall we can see that the key element to getting an advert to go viral on YouTube is by making the advert bizarre that may leave audiences speechless, they need to have creative ideas that no one else had invented. Additionally having an iconic person such as a superhero or famous actors can help to make a video viral.


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