Ambient Sound Task 3

For my sound loop creations I wanted to create a medieval vibe yet being electric considering my racing game will take place in the future with electric and/ or hybrid cars. I had created samples of various instruments on Garage Band, some including a Pop Flute, Skye Breath, Versova, Metropolis, Tight Synth Bass and Shimmering Flute. I did this so then I could have main beats that I can work around those with the different sound effects that I had collected.

Sound Loop 1

For my first sound loop I used the Metropolis sound and made sure that it spanned over a minute and a half so then there was room to edit, as well as that I could make the sound loop longer if I chose to. The next step I did was use the Medieval Introduction I downloaded from FreeSound considering these instruments weren’t available to me. The section that I selected was the classical singer, I thought that by using a classic singer that maybe the drivers may think of entertainers that would impress royalty in their castles, hopefully linking it to Windsor Castle- the castle they will be racing around. Due to the singer being loud I add to decrease the amplitude so it wasn’t too distracting. Next I added the last segment of my ‘Car Passing’ audio file so then it would bring them back to reality of them racing, I wanted to repeat this audio file often so then it would seem like a racer was near by, however I did select another clip from my ‘Car Passing’ file so there was at least some variation. I separated each car file so then it didn’t get complicated. To make sure there was no sudden sounds and each piece had a smooth transition to each other, I selected Track 2 where the singer was and faded out each file. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a Medieval bell sound myself so I also had to download it, but I reverse the audio file so it sounded futuristic, as well giving it an Infinite Loop echo and reducing the amplitude to reduce to excess noise. Overall I am happy with this sound loop however I feel like I could’ve improved by reducing the sound of the main beat because I feel like it over powers the rest of the sounds.


Sound Loop 2

Unlike my first sound loop I only had 4 tracks instead of 5, however I did make more alterations when creating the final sound loop. In this sound loop I used the audio files ‘Medieval Bell’, ‘Cars Passing’, ‘Tight Synth Bass’ and ‘Medieval Introduction’, although I did use ‘Car Passing’ twice. My first decision for my second loop was to put the Guitar Pedal effect on the audio file ‘Medieval Bell’, after that I added a selected part of ‘Car Passing’ however I decreased the volume due to it being too loud for a background sound loop, I reduced it down to 8.95 dB. Following that I added these two sound files to a multitrack and I added the ‘Tight Synth Bass’ for the main background beat yet I stretched it to 15% of its original length to increase the tempo and seem more exciting. Afterwards I selected the 7 second of ‘Cars Passing’ and similar to the ‘Medieval Bell’ sound I added a Crazy Train effect to make it seem futuristic. Once I compiled all of the sound files together I realised that the ‘Tight Synth Bass’ sounded out of place so I deleted it from the multitrack and replaced it with a clip of the ‘Medieval Introduction’.


Sound Loop 3

After learning a new technique on Adobe Audition CC 2015, I released that I could’ve improved on certain parts for example a lot of the car sounds didn’t fade in and out very well, and thanks to the less I knew how to improve this. However in this sound loop I did only use three sounds, one I had recently created by tapping a beat on a metal shelf- ‘Metal Beat’, ‘Medieval Introduction’ and ‘Passing Cars’. On the majority I did alter the volume but I didn’t change the pan because I didn’t want it to be too confusing on the player considering they would have other things to concentrate on, like the controls, interfaces, other drivers, etc. In this sound loop, like the previous one I experimented with the Reverse tool and decided to use it on the singing and Cars Passing 1.1. When creating my multitrack I decreased and increased the overall sounds of some tracks because I didn’t want the volume clashing too much and some aspects such as the cars and singing I wanted to be louder than the main beat because I don’t want the players to be too annoyed by it.



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