Pan and Volume Practice

For practice for my sound loop I was taught two new techniques on Adobe Audition CC 2015. The two tools that I used were called ‘Pan’ and ‘Volume’, these were found when I would place an audio file onto a ‘Multitrack Session’ and see the yellow and blue line- the blue would represent ‘Pan’ and then yellow would be ‘Volume’. I collect sound effects such as ‘Another Crowd’, ‘Screaming Crowd’, ‘UK Ambulance Passing’, ‘helicopter1’ and ‘Police Car’.

To increase and decrease the amount of ‘Pan’ and ‘Volume’, I would click either if the lines, see that there was a small diamond and then I would drag that to the appropriate height. As seen below, for most of my sound files I used I made the volume increase gradually and fade gradually so that there wasn’t a sudden jump in sounds and that everything ran smoothly. The reason as to why I made the pan on the helicopter, ambulance and police car almost exactly diagonal, was to seem that they were passing at speed. I wanted to keep the crowd sound effect the same was so then there was at least some background noise.


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