Video Game Interface Task 5

The interfaces and designs of my team logos, speedometers and car placement are below. I had worked from both college and home to complete these interfaces. Out of all the interfaces I would say that the speedometers took the most time because I had to use a programme that I was not familiar to and I had to work with new tools that I didn’t know how to use, especially the Add Anchor tool.

Team Logos

Due to CopyRight laws I had to create my own logos, colour schemes and names. Large racing companies such as Lotus, Red Bull and Mercedes tend to get paid for having their companies place in a video game and due to there being no funding to pay these companies money, I had to create my own. Furthermore by creating brand new teams it presents the game as being original and unique.


These are the my three speedometers for each team, all with a different coloured gradient bar to show the difference for each team. Each speedometer would work by the gradient bar increasing in size/ length as the driver increases speed. Furthermore the units would go up to match the speed so then there is a visual and literal representation of the players speed. At 0 MPH the gradient bar will be very lright, but the higher the speed the darker and/ or vivid the colour gets, to indicate that there could be danger ahead.

Screenshot (27)

Interface Placement

I had a few ideas to start with but to get a general opinion, I got people to vote on which one they thought would be best for interface placement in a racing game. In total I asked 13 people and 8 of them voted on idea 2, therefore I was going to work on that one. Some voters said that the third one was too crowded in the centre and each element needed to be spread out more, some others also said that idea 1 didn’t have enough interfaces.

The placement and lap times in the to right corner will subtly change colour depending on the background of map, for example if the driver had to drive through a dark corner, then the text will become lighter but if there was a sunrise then the text would darken. All my components of my interfaces are slightly opace so then it doesn’t completely obstruct the players view. The placement of each interfaces is where these interfaces would commonly be placed in racing simulators, I feel like if I placed them anywhere else, it would just disorientate players.

Interface Placement Ideas


The map on the bottom left corner would rotate depending on the drivers direction, this may help them to navigate what way they are supposed to be going instead of be disorientated. Additionally the maps will be cropped depending on where abouts the player is, it would have a faded transition so then player wouldn’t get too distracted or worry too much about what direction they may have to go next. To know where the finish line is, there will be a small white line, much like there is on the Royal Lion interface screenshot. On the map I also put coloured squares, this would indicate where each team would be, separated by their team colours. These are also slightly transparent so that it doesn’t get in the way of the players view of the map too much.


The checkpoints will appear just after the players pass the finish line and will tell them how far behind or in front they are. When the players pass the finish line their lap time will pop up just under their restarted time. If the player driving passes the finish line and they are further than their opponent then the green circle will appear just above the centre of the screen, it will fade out after a second or so. On the other hand if the player is slower than the red circle will appear with the time beside it, much like the ‘Hydraheat’ screenshot. Much like the other interfaces this feature will be slightly opaque so it doesn’t completely obstruct the players views.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.03.09

Final Screenshots

When creating my final screenshot I played around with different layouts, where i was going to put each interfaces and I came up with two ideas (seen below). I attempted to make each screenshot colour co ordinated to then it ends up looking professional instead of ‘tacky’.

Blue Team copyGreen TeamInterface Placement 2



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