What is a ‘brand’?

A brand is a particular name given to a company that sell particular merchandise. To create a successful brand it takes a long time to plan a develop, even though it may be time consuming it almost certainly has a positive outcome. A brand has to include features such as logos, colour schemes, slogans and obviously a name.

An example of a successful brand would be Cadburys. Cadbury is a chocolate manufacturer which was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury who opened a sweet shop in Birmingham where he sold his own branded chocolate, Cadburys. It wasn’t until 1831 when John Cadbury opened his first factory, due to popular demand, and he was able to start campaigning to make more quantities of his chocolate.

In the 1840’s people manufacturers/ companies wanted to sell more of Cadburys so as well as expanding his marketing to various popular street and he even began to produce various different flavours. Unfortunately John Cadbury fell ill in 1864 and handed his company over to his two sons who managed to create innovative ideas to make Cadburys even better, including new packaging and their very first milk chocolate bar and easter egg(s) in 1875.  This just shows that it takes time for a brand to become successful because it wasn’t until 51 years later that Cadburys released their first milk chocolate bar.

Throughout the next 30-40 years Cadburys began to branch rapidly- they were able to but hundreds of aches to grow their own cocoa beans, building new factories and even created 143 privately own cottages on their estates. But in 1897, even though had already produced milk chocolate, they released it to the public, this was due to them having too much chocolate essence left and decided not too waste it. At this point Cadbury chocolate was requested by so many people, the Cadbury brother were able to do even more advertising and even released their most popular chocolate bar to date, Cadburys Dairy Milk bar. This proves that a successful brand can take time to because successful because it wasn’t until 84 years later that they released their most popular chocolate bar to date. Furthermore it wasn’t until 1905 that Cadbury created their logo, yet it isn’t the one we see today.


1915 arrived and because there were so many different varieties of chocolate Cadburys created their MilkTray which was an affordable price that people could eat everyday. However these were released in small quantities because the Cadbury brothers wanted it to be only bought for special occasions. At this point Cadbury was worth a lot so they were able to buy other companies like another chocolate company called ‘Frys’. Five years later Cadburys decided to set their colour scheme as purple. In the 1920s the Cadburys also released the “crumbliest flakiest chocolate”, the Flake. Furthermore in 1928 Cadburys the glass an a half symbol which later ended up being their logo.

Even though Cadburys started advertise in 1905, they didn’t put much money into it until 1928 where Cadburys was also voted Britain’s tastiest chocolate. 1929 and 1938 were key for the innovation of Cadburys because they released their own ‘Crunchie’ bar and their selection box ‘Roses. Two of the many iconic products of this brand.

Technology had a breakthrough in the 1950 because the television was invented and with that came adverts, a new form of advertising. In 1955 Cadbury had released their first TV advert campaigning their ‘Cadbury Drinking Milk’ during the commercial of ’20 Questions’. It wasn’t until after the advert that Cadburys had unique and innovative ideas for chocolate bars; ‘Lucky Numbers’ 1958, ‘Skippy’ 1960, ‘Aztec Bar’ 1967, ‘Toffee Buttons’ 1967, Curly Wurly 1970, ‘Old Jamaica’ 1970, ‘Creme Egg’ 1971 and so many more.

Cadburys have released so many different adverts throughout the years including various celebrities, hashtags and iconic moments. On of the most iconic adverts released by Cadburys was broadcasted in 2007 where a gorilla played the drums to Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’. This advert was very popular even though it was just before YouTube was published so it wasn’t able to be classified as ‘viral’ however it did win many awards including the Grand Prix Lion at Cannes in 2008.

By this time Cadbury was harvesting so many cocoa beans that they created the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership in January 2008- they invested £45 million into third world cocoa farms. A year later Cadbury Dairy Milk became Fair Trade, this meant that there would be thousands of opportunities for cocoa farmers around the world as well as increasing Fair Trade cocoa sales. In 2010 Cadbury had become part of Mondelēz International, a company that owns many other brands such as Oreo, Kenco, Trident, Ritz, etc.

Overall we can see that Cadbury had been through a lot to make themselves a successful brand, however it did take them a while to produce basic features of a brand such as logo, colour scheme, etc, until after the company was invented. We can obviously see that Cadbury continued to release new products to keep up with other rival chocolate companies such as becoming Fair Trade and constantly releasing new chocolate bars to grab the attention of audiences. For all of my basic research I went to the link below.



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