Warburton Animation Task 2

Out of all these ideas I believe that the most interesting to do, as well as capturing the audiences, would be the ‘Old Lady Ordinary Bagel’ as well as ‘Ninja to the Rescue’. To capture audiences who are constantly on the internet and who spend less time watching TV, I believe if the advert is […]

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Warburton Animation Task 1

Animation was around before TV was invented in 1928 (the first television signal was broadcasted), but ‘animators’ would hand draw their cartoons and produce them on items like flip books, phenakistoscopes, thaumatropes, zoetropes and many more. Some of the first recorded animation was 5,200 years old and on a bowl located in Iran- it was […]

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Warburton Target Audience

Target audience is a key aspect to look at when creating an advert- something with bright colours full of fairies & rainbows isn’t applied to an older audience, similarly something with a simple message with dull colours shouldn’t be targeted towards younger ages. When appealing to a certain target audience, producers need to look at […]

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Warburton Research.3

Animation is a sequence of images/ cartoon drawings it together to seem as if cartoon are moving, similar to recorded videos. Animation is a key part of modern society, being used for many things; children cartoons, fan animation, adverts, movies, music videos etc. 2D animation is a traditional way of creating stories- this would be […]

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