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Animation is a sequence of images/ cartoon drawings it together to seem as if cartoon are moving, similar to recorded videos. Animation is a key part of modern society, being used for many things; children cartoons, fan animation, adverts, movies, music videos etc. 2D animation is a traditional way of creating stories- this would be done with stop motion, making almost 24 individual images for each frame.

Music Videos

2D animation is occasionally used in music videos so artists can produce extraordinary things that can’t be produced with CGI and it can be easier to produce, rather than directing and recording, even though it does take as much planning. One song in particular that comes to mind when I think of 2D animated music videos is Lollipop by MIKA. In this music video we can see a little girl skipping through a colourful and bubbly environment, containing ice cream, sweets and rainbows, whilst the lyrics of the songs appear in the background. Lollipop was released in November 2009 and has had just under 40 million views.

Furthermore talented online animators even create their own music videos, where they produce their own music and animation. An example of this would be a video game parody band called Starbomb (Arin Hanson, Brian Wecht and Leigh Daniel Avidan). One of their most popular songs is named ‘Smash’ and it is a Super Mario Bros parody that has over 21 million views, and was produced by an animator called Studio Yotta (contains adult language).


Another media platform that includes 2D animation is adverts, however the majority of the time there tends to be a catchy song to go with it, or somewhat of a rhyme.An example of this would be a recent advert released to promote Cancer Research’s ‘Dryathlon January’ in which people are encouraged to now drink alcohol throughout the month of January. The advert was released in December 2015 hence why it doesn’t have many views. The reason as to why this adverts appeals so much to me is because of how peculiar it is, the characters used in the advert are doing confusing things such as wearing nipple thistles, sumo wrestling, streaking and many other usual movements.

Additionally ‘American Express’ uploaded an advert in 2010 showing viewers the uses of American Express cards through the word ‘possible’, a narrator tells the different advantages of the credit card while going through one letter at a time. On of the things that I enjoy about this animation is that the transition of each letter is very smooth, for example the stethoscope attached the to ‘I’, bends to produce the letter ‘B’. The target audience for this advert would be adults who are around upper class considering American Express cards are used by the richer society.


Disney is very well known for producing emotion 3D movies, however before 3D modelling became big, Disney created 2D animated movies. One of their original movie that were created in 1942 was “Bambi”, this was a story about a young prince learning about the way of life in the forest. Unlike modern day animation, most of the animation was hand drawn, so it may have taken even longer than ordinary animation.

Another 2D film that I found, that wasn’t Disney was “Iron Giant”, a tale of an alien robot who creates an unlikely relationship between him and a nine year old from Rockwell. The entire animation production was produced by Warner Brother studios, even though they had a financial failure with their previous film “Quest for Camelot”. Compared to “Bambi”, the quality of this film is much better considering the technology gap between 1942 and 1999. Additionally “The Iron Giant” has overall better reviews than Bambi, rating 8/10 on IMDb instead of Bambi’s 7.5/10.

Short Movies

Short movies are ways of people put a particular story across without using a huge development team and a big budget, instead they use their own skills. One short film that I particularly enjoy is “Q&A” by StoryCorps, in this short film we see the perspective of an 11 year old boy with Aspergers syndrome and his loving relationship between him and his mother. This film was published in 2010 and wanted to show the public of both sides of Aspergers syndrome; what its like for someone on to have it and what it is like for someone to look after them. The animation itself was all created by one person alone, Tim Raunch who also helped to direct it.

The second short film that caught my eye is called “Red”, which is an alternate version of the classic story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, being put under categories such as horror, romance and thriller. “Red” shows a little girl who viewers see as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ finding out that everything is not what it seems, considering the little boy (the wolf) who appears to like her ends up saving her from death by bunny. This short film was created in 2010, much like “Q&A”, but was create by a small animation company called CalArts. https://calarts.edu

Online Animation

This category is quite recent considering this is when talented animators take chunks of audio from a a certain video and work around that, this tends to be popular towards the YouTube category of ‘LetsPlayers’. Some of the most popular animators on YouTube are pixlpit, Egoraptor, Oneyng, TomSka, Cranbersher, etc. ‘asdf movie’ is one of the most popular animations on YouTube, created by an animated named Thomas Ridgewell a.k.a Tomska. Tomska has so far created 9 ‘asdf movies’ with a collective view total of 27 million views (including spin off animations caused by ‘asdf movie’). This animation is so popular that loads of merchandise such as posters and shirts.

One of the thousands of lets players that have been animated are the ‘Game Grumps’, who have just over 3 million subscribers. This animation was based on their lets play ‘Super Mario Maker: Part 17’ and has a total of 1.1 million views- created by the animator Mike Bedsole. The ‘Game Grumps’ have had many talented artists produce animation for them, both 2D and 3D, one including ‘SPOOFY’, created by animator ‘AxeToday’.

Overall we can see that even though 2D animation is seemed as a ‘classic’ kind of animation, artists still tend to use it today, however due to technology we can see that 3D animation is becoming more popular, especially in movies and online animation. On the other hand the category ‘online animation’ has become more popular considering people have had more access to animating software and audio resources.


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