Warburton Target Audience

Target audience is a key aspect to look at when creating an advert- something with bright colours full of fairies & rainbows isn’t applied to an older audience, similarly something with a simple message with dull colours shouldn’t be targeted towards younger ages. When appealing to a certain target audience, producers need to look at what interests a particular group, for example children are into the most recent cartoons/ movies, teenagers would be interested in internet, and the older generation would be interested in something that isn’t too in their face.

My target audience is women aged 20-45, so stereotypically this group of people tend to be interested in health, celebrity gossip and social media. I feel that thin bagels may appeal to women in this age range because they may worry about the calorie intake and typical values.

Some adverts manage to capture a certain audience really well, a few examples of adverts targeted to certain audiences are Lelli Kelly, American Express, Everest Windows and Walkers. These adverts include features that a particular audience enjoys; Lelli Kelly appeals to most young girls by including a lot of sparkle, pink and other feminine features like handbags, makeup, dresses, etc. From watching all these adverts we can tell that American Express is for middle aged people ages 35+, Everest Windows is aimed for 50+ due to the dull colours and calmness of the advert and lastly ‘Walkers’ aim to male audiences ages 8-30 because they include many football references including Lionel Messi, Fussball, FA Cup, watching football on TV and Gary Lineker.

In my advert I plan to break the stereotype barrier and try to aim for modern day society where people tend to equally enjoy different things. Even though my audience is women aged 25-40, I wanted to create an advert of a female ninja thing bagel saving the day, but viewers wouldn’t know he gender of the thin bagel until the end of the advert so then it could come as a surprise to the audiences to show that females can be part of the action too. I want to try to appeal to other people to purchase this product by having an obscure advert, if it went viral more people may consider to buy Warburton’s new Thin Bagel. I also want to incorporate a younger generation as an extra twist, this may then appeal to even more generations.


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