Warburton Animation Task 2

Out of all these ideas I believe that the most interesting to do, as well as capturing the audiences, would be the ‘Old Lady Ordinary Bagel’ as well as ‘Ninja to the Rescue’. To capture audiences who are constantly on the internet and who spend less time watching TV, I believe if the advert is strange and peculiar, they are most likely to remember it.

For example people remember the train safety advert called ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ rather than the ‘See Track Think Train Advert’, this is because ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ had a catchy song which everyone knew, created their own mobile game and it was amusing to all audiences, as well as having a serious message. I would much rather had an extraordinary advert that people would remember, rather than a boring advert that people will forget in a couple of days.

Some of the key components that I would need would be an old lady in an arm chair, a birds eye view of Bolton, subtle Bolton memorabilia, an explosion, etc. A particular style of animation that I like would be Studio Yotta, mentioned in my ‘Warburtons Animation Task 1’, they tend to have simple yet effective scenes even though some of their videos are quite fast- their characters tend to have extraordinarily large features like hair and eyes as well as being quite colourful.

In the sketches below show the key components such as the grandmother, Bolton memorabilia, the arm chair the lady will sit in and the KISS version of the lady. On each page I also wrote comments on the overall look of the grandmother considering a sketch drawing makes it difficult to portray a certain character. The characters will be more clear once I made them online, I will try to fill them in with block colours just like Studio Yotta because I want it to capture the eye of the audience- I want to make it appear like pop art/ minimalistic.

My initial plan for my advert is that there would an ordinary old lady in Bolton eating an ordinary Warburton’s bagel and drinking tea whilst waiting TV (preferably a previous Warburton’s advert, but animated on TV) and suddenly a wall blows up and the rock band KISS emerge from the smoke. KISS would be singing a  parody of one of their songs about trying Warburton’s new thin bagels and one of the band members hit a Warburton’s thin bagel towards the old lady, replacing the one on her plate already. Once replaced the camera would zoom out to see that the old lady has transformed into one of the bad members playing the guitar- now singing instead of the band, as well playing the guitar. Similar to previous Warburton’s advert the slogan will appear at the end of the advert ‘FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS’, the old lady will say this after performing an electric guitar solo, pointing directly at the camera, hopefully breaking the fourth wall.

Storyboard Moodboard


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