Different Types of Animation

Motion Design (Graphics)

Motion design is commonly known as the art that brings graphics to animation. This form of animation was mainly used for product placement and logos for television between the 1940s and 1990s, however considering the boost in technology, it is now being used for things such as short animation, films, TV programmes and many more. This kind of animation would usually contain live images and videos to ‘bring the animation to life’, often being produced on 3D platforms instead of being hand drawn like stop motion.

An example of motion graphics is a short animation created by Maxwell E, an motion designer, who is portraying what it is like to live a day as a ‘cool kid’- buying coffees, riding bikes, taking polaroid images and even having unique coloured hair. In the scenes where we see the student ride their bike, there is an illusion that the background is far away however it was animated to seem that way with certain effects and visuals.

Additionally ‘Rooster Teeth’ have produced a animated series online called ‘RWBY’ which has been extremely successful. RWBY is animated using motion graphics and is created with a large team of animators and designers and at the beginning got each episode the animators put their own opening sequence, my personal favourite opening sequence is Season 2. This intro also features the song ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ by singer Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams, which seems to match the scenes of introduction as they progress.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is a technique that animators use to make it seem that objects are moving, this technique is done by creating either a hand drawn or digitally drawn cartoon and creating sight adjustments for each frame. This way is very traditional considering cartoons in the 20th Century were created with stop motion, furthermore it needs a far lower budget than motion design however it does take much longer to create.

One example of the thousands of stop motion on the internet is ‘Jack vs Ross’ by a YouTuber with the username of Charlie Grubel who digitally created these unique characters and uses voice overs from famous LetPlayers such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Game Grumps, we can even see how the video was created with their tutorial video. Another example of more traditional animation is an animator called Cranbersher who creates his own puppets out of cotton and moulding clay, one of his most popular videos is Tumult | Auxil, a video showing a creature finding a friend just from throwing bits of himself into a broken glass cup.

Kinetic Typography

This kind of animation is the use of moving lettering rather than a character or an object, like stop motion and motion graphics, furthermore this type of animation is commonly used for lyric videos for music artists such as the Rolling Stones, Rhianna and My Chemical Romance. Even though this is an animation group in itself, it can also be used in both stop motion and motion graphics. Material wise this can either be hand drawn or digitally made, just like the other two groups.

Two examples I have chosen are ‘Grrr by Rolling Stones’ (released 3 years ago) and ‘Dead by My Chemical Romance’ (6 years old) because during each video they choose certain key words and animate them according to what they mean. I chose these two videos because one is hand painted whereas ‘Dead’ is created using motion design and digital styles.

On the other hand kinetic typography can also be used to tell a unique story without the use of any characters or objects, ‘What’s He Building In There’ by Stephen Elliget, a video that strikes viewers attention by constantly asking questions instead of answering them, we don’t even get a name of the person who the narrator is talking about. This is a more interesting piece of kinetic typography because Stephen Elliget morphs the words into inanimate objects like trees and doors.


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