Spaceship Animation Practice

This is the first time using the programme After Effects CC and I created using simple steps that I have learnt. I managed to create an Earth, a moon and the Enterprise travelling in space, furthermore I used tools such as PositionScale and even Opacity (this will give the illusion that something is further away). Each of my animation pieces were made to be 4 seconds long and both uploaded to YouTube.

I only used four images to do this animation, as seen below and my first step was to put the space image as the background. After that I clicked on the Position tool and dragged the spaceship so then it had a direction, I also ensured that the background image was bigger than the available screen so the the black screen behind it wouldn’t show up. I then did the same with an Earth and a moon but altering the sizes so it seemed that we were closer to the moon than the Earth, as well as that I added a Scale widget in the timeline so then it would seem as if the moon was orbiting. The last thing I added was the Starship Enterprise so my 4 second clip seemed futuristic.


Once uploading my first animation I learnt new skills such as adding a 3D layer and altering the different timings, to make it seem different to my previous animation I added different spaceship and even replaced the sun with the Death Star from Star Wars. However similar to Practice Animation 1, I added a 70% fade to the distance star to make it seem that it was descending into space.

By adjusting the angle of the background and Death Star, I clicked the 3D layer and more options came up where I could either change the X, Y or Z position (I only needed Z and Y Position) of the background and/ or star. Additionally I replaced the Starship Enterprise with the Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter from Star Wars to make it seem as if there was an intergalactic chase. When animating the space ships I increased their size as the got closer to the screen to it seemed that they were racing towards the viewer. I feel I could have improved by learning how to adjusting the colours of each png image so make it seem realistic, however I feel like this was useful task because I had never learnt how to animate on After Effects CC before and I now I know the basic.



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