Running Man Animation

For practice for future animation I was taught how to do basic animation with a stickman walking. Additionally I managed to get a stickman to jump over a park bench once I got the basic idea of animating. The programme used was After Effects CC and the main tool I used to move the stick man’s joints was the Puppet Pin tool.

The first step I did was get a walking cycle image to guide me with where each limb of the stick figure should be. I then clicked the Puppet Pin tool and marked out where I thought the joints would be, so the the feet, knees, hip, chest, shoulders, elbows, hands and head, this then allowed me to move each joint. However due to the original picture being in a running position it made anomalies and bumps in the limbs. To make my animation a little better I made the stick figure increase in size considering the figure is walking slightly towards us, I used the the Scale tool, just like ‘Spaceship Animation Practice’.



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