Animated Alphabet Task 1

There are many different kinds of stop animation varying in size and technicality. One of the first big stop animation shows was Wallace and Gromit which was made using clay and paint. Wallace and Gromit were originally created in 1989 with their short film ‘A Grand Day Out’. Other popular stop animations include South Park released in 1997 and Robot Chicken.

Throughout the years artists have used many other different materials and have incorporated gore into it, a good example is an animation on Youtube called ‘Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared. This stop animation was released in 2011 and has over 32 million views, it appears to be a common child’s animation but it turns very dark and gross about half way through. Additionally the animator ‘Don’t Hug Me. Im Scared’ incorporates modern day animation and 3D modelling programmes, making this animation different to ones previously mentioned, however after Season 2 ‘South Park’ began animating digitally instead of manually cutting gout shapes.From looking at the note book,s arm we can see they’re made from bendable stick and different mouths were made for when the book was singing/ talking.

Dont Hug Me I'm Scared


Another stop animation that is pretty popular on YouTube is ‘Four Seven Six’, produced and filmed by YouTuber ‘Cranbersher’ aka Oliver Beale. This short film is about a lost father going on a trip to find his daughter, we see the father go through many different emotions from sadness to happiness. Oliver Beale hand crafts all the characters scenes and props, even the photo frame that disintegrates in the father’s hands. Furthermore Oliver Beale tries to make the characters have a natural flow to them, we can see this when  the father’s hair moves in the wind and the blood that appears when he hits his head on a brick wall. From watching this animation we can also see that Oliver is able to move the eye direction by painting an eye ball and moving it around. This animation was uploaded in January 2014 and took Oliver Beale about 9 months to create.

Four Seven Six Screenshots



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