Animated Alphabet Task 2

The letter that I got to plan to animate was ‘S’, this could give me a wide range of possibilities considering ‘S’ is commonly used in the English language. My original idea was to have cardboard shapes (looking like costumes/ clothing) appear on a person to make it seem that they are wearing a costume like that character. By cutting gout my own shapes it would show some skills in arts & craft and innovation.

I searched for several different characters that begin with ‘S’ when I got the letter; Saiyans, Superman, Sully (Monsters Inc.), Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Skeletor, Shaggy Rogers, Sleeping Beauty, Spiderman, Storm, Skrillex, etc.¬†Considering I am only limited to one character I chose Subzero because I can work with animating an ‘ice blast’ going across the frame with the word ‘Subzero’ appearing underneath. To make the Subzero character more distinct I will be making the ‘Klassic Subzero’ armor. The armor pieces i will be creating will the the knee pads, upper body armor and face mask, as well as the signature battle move ‘ice blast’.

Subzero Klassic

Scan 6

My stop animation will start with a person dressed up like Subzero and the voice of Subzero in Mortal Kombat X will be narrating, then the figure dressed up as ‘Subzero’ will fire an ice blast to the left with letters spelling ‘Subzero’ under neath. During this there will be sentence (digitally inserted) saying ‘S is for…’. This animation should last around 7-10 seconds. Having the original narration from the game, will help audiences rememeber the character and make people realise that it’s a copy from the game.

Scan 7

Items I will need for this stop animation will be different coloured paper (preferably blue, white and black), a blue face mask and, masking tape to stick the shapes the the wall and a tripod in order to keep my camera sturdy. To have the paper cut out more effective, the figure will be wearing black so it doesn’t draw attention away from the cut outs. These will be relatively easy to make/ get. Considering that this is only a 5 second long animation I only needed a few frames however I could’ve more detail into the frames, for example I forgot to draw the mask for the last couple of frames which could confuse viewers- they may believe that this the mask may be relevant to the movement of frames, but it isn’t. On the other hand I do like that I was able to make it clear what the background will be like and where the figure will be standing throughout the animation. Additionally I will need to collect the background music, which shouldn’t be too difficult, I may make a background soundtrack to mix in with the narration.



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