Practice Stop Animation (After Effects)

This short stop animation is a practice for my final stop animation piece, the only programme I used and possibly use for my final piece is Adobe After Effects. I had not used some of the tools in the practice piece so this will definitely be useful in the future.

The first thing I had to do was download a collection of images that someone had supplied for this practice animation, which happened to be ‘S’, the letter I chose to animate. Then I had to create a new composition with a lock ratio of 1.37 and 12 frames per second. Once adding all the images to Adobe After Effects I then adjusted them to the size of the screen by clicking ctrl+right click and selected Transform>  Fit to Comp.

The next part was adding the sentence ‘S is for Sugar’ and by doing that I used the Type Tool, however I want to add my own twist by having each word/ letter into the frame, so I separated them into each layer and animated them to fade in one after the other using the Opacity tool. To make the word ‘sugar’ significant I made it capital letters and manipulated the shape by selecting EffectDistortBezier Warp, then I changed the numbers for both the right and left top vertex.


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