Space Race (Adobe Flash)

This was my first time using Adobe Flash before so I had no experience with this application. My task was to create an animating rocket ship, with flames coming out the engine, however as an additional task I could put it in Adobe After Effects to make it appear to be moving. Adobe Flash is commonly used to create the still animation, whereas Adobe After Effects is used to create the movement.

The first thing I did was create a template by going to the tab TemplatesMediaPlaybackHDTV 1080 and the changed the background to black. To make this animation I inserted a ‘symbol by going to the tab InsertNew Symbol, then I inserted the spaceship and drew on the flames but adding a new layer and using the pen tool (similar to photoshop).

The next step was to get the flames to animate, by doing this I added a key frame on the timeline located on the bottom and then selected Transform which allowed me to alter the shape of the flames. I would do this every few frames so then it would give the illusion of movement.


Once having the animation (saved as a png. movie) I added it to Adobe After Effects where I gave it movement and added another spaceship, without animation, to appear that the two are racing. In my finished animation I used the opacity, scale and movement tool to appear to having a working animation. I decided to change the opacity to make it appear that the space ships were descending more into space.


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