Animated Alphabet Task 3

The props I had to make for my animation were the three stages of Subzero’s iconic move ‘Ice Blast’ and the armour which included body armour, knee pads and face mask. All these piece were made from cutting out paper shapes and sticking them together either using double sided tape or masking tape. The coloured paper that I used was blue, light blue, white and black.

The first piece that I started working on was the body armour, I based this of my template drawing that I drew for ‘Animated Alphabet Task 2’. The first step was making the two large rectangles (7 and a half inches wide) and the black décor which was an inch in diameter throughout. After that I added the belt armour which measured to 9 inches long, I feel that it couldve been longer to copy Subzero’s costume more however I didn’t want it to clash with the knee pads. Once finishing the amour I then moved on to practicality, so I found that sticking two piece of cardboard on the armour would keep it study, as well as three thin pieces of black paper to prevent the body armour moving around freely. The last step was adding two dark blue loops on the armour to act like a harness, making the costume much easier to wear when it came to shooting.

I made the knee pads next, this was just a kite-like shape with details drawn on with black sharpie. This piece was slightly difficult to make due to the knee pads not circling around the leg properly, my solution to this was to stick on two pieces of paper on which pulled back each side of the pads, resulting in a curved look. To stick the knee pads on shooting I stuck a long piece of paper on the armour and I would then use some masking tape to then stick them on the figure.

The last piece of armour I made was the face mask, this was pretty simple- all I did was cut out a piece of paper, as wide as half the diameter of the figure’s head and then cut out the jaw and curves for the eyes. To allow it to stay on the model I tied a piece of string to each end, which the figure would then be able to hook over their ears to be extra secure.

For the ice blasts all I did was cut out a simple blast shape and add extra pieces of paper, scraps from the armour and stick them on using double sided tape, however for the first stage of ice blast I cut out an irregular circle and stuck curved white shapes to it, giving it an ‘ice’ look about it.

The final thing I had to collect was the background music and sound effects, which I got by recording the “Subzero wins” audio file with my iPhone 6s microphone and attempted to create my own background music one Adobe Audition, personally I believe that it turned out suitable for my stop animation.

After creating the armour and ice blasts I then decided to create a ‘Vs screen’ just as something extra, so then I could see the costume compared to the original Mortal Kombat game, the style I was basing the costume off. I got a vs screen from the retro game and cropped out one of the character to then replace it with my own, I used one of the pictures I took during the stop animation and cut out just the figure. To then make it similar to the pixelated style of the 1992 game I added a pixel effect on my own image and adjusted the lighting to match the other character, Sonya Blade. This image could’ve been better if I had the correct lighting and possibly took another photo, separate from the stop animation so then it would appear more unique.

Subzero Vs Sonya Blade


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