Flowing Grass (After Effects)

Similar to the ‘Fire Composition (After Effects) task, I had a guide to give me the basic instructions for a new tool, but I was able to alter certain layers and add extra pieces if I wanted to. The tools I used in this task, on Adobe After Effects, was CC SlantPosition and Rotate (the position and rotate tools were used to animate extra bits I added after I was finished with the main task). I found this difficult to start off with, due to it being a new tool that I was unfamiliar with, I did get the hang of it after a while, enabling me to move layers in the frame without looking at the guide. This task will be very useful in the future if I have to make objects flow naturally, without the use of constantly changing the angle and position of a layer.

The first step was to get all the files from an online folder and add them to Adobe After Effects, I then opened the guide and started animating a small cut of grass to start of simple. To add the CC Slant tool to the grass I dragged it on from the effects tab, after that I selected the position of the Floor, preventing the object from moving from its original position. To add the slant tool to each file, just the different images, I had to put them into their own separate compositions.

After that step I changed the Wiggle of the the file by clicking on the CC SlantSlant and pressing enter, allowing me to change the movement easier. Once I done that, I repeated that step a few more times on duplicate layers, plants and the background and then put them into a natural-like arrangement. As an extra I then added a couple of bees flying around the frame. The final step was to put all the separate compositions together into the final one.



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