Animated Alphabet Task 4

After creating all the props and costumes, out of paper, I then shot the images. The camera I used was a KODAK Digital Camera, which was placed on top of a tripod to maintain stability throughout the images. When it comes to sets I decided to shoot the animation out side a house, with a brick wall as the background, I believed this was a good idea because it was very plain so nothing would distract the viewer from the animation, in addition to that it looks much like the ‘Mortal Kombat 1’ arena called Goro’s Lair, just without the hanging skeletons and dark chambers.

Something that I struggled with when capturing the images was lighting because I took the pictures outdoors, this lead to shadow being formed and some shots being brighter than others. To resolve this problem I had to open a few images on Adobe Photoshop and edit the contrast so then all the images would look similar. Additionally a problem occurred where the tripod had to be moved and the camera turned off so one of the frames was zoomed out, accidentally including props from previous shots and the rest of the wall that shouldn’t have been in the frame, to fix this I attempted to crop it to look like the others. I feel that all of these problems could’ve been avoided if I created me stop motion indoors with consistent lighting throughout, however I do like the fact that the different lighting and outdoor scenery makes the stop animation appear more like the game ‘Mortal Kombat 1’.

The soundtrack I used came from two different audio files, one being aggressive (but quiet) background music and the other being the Subzero victory sound when he wins a battle. When adding the files to the animation I wanted to make it match the images, so I timed the repetitive banging of the ‘Subzero Wins’ file with the ice blast going across the wall, plus when each letter of ‘Subzero’ appears, the narrative voice says “Subzero Wins”. I decided to record the “Subzero wins” audio file from the first Mortal Kombat 1 game, rater than the latest one due to the theme of the costume was to do with ‘Mortal Kombat 1’ and it would seem more professional for the two to match.

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Some things that I enjoy about this stop animation is that there is a clear transition between each frame and the entire thing is easy to understand; I have the text, audio file and costume telling viewers the subject if they got confused. Additionally I like the hand-made/ simplistic style of the ice blasts, it looks very similar to the ice blast used in ‘Mortal Kombat 1’, just without the extra ice crystals departing from the main, it also gives a modern look considering the latest style is to be simple but creative.

On the other hand I dislike the fact that the background lighting changes due to being outside and the fact that I wasn’t able to crop out the shoulder straps so the white paper is clearly visible in a few frames, next time I’ll make sure that all of the images are edited properly. I feel like I could also have found a shirt that covered the neck area of the model because the black straps are very noticeable throughout the animation.



The paper style reminds me of the stop animation ‘The Missing Stickman’ which involves a digitally created stickman exploring the wonders of real life. This animation combines both hand made paper props and the real life environment, however my animation doest use as many props and is also only a few seconds long. One thing that makes my animation somewhat better than ‘lulcapped’ (the stop animation creator) is that I didnt have to use any visible foundation to hold up my moving props, I used tape to stick to the wall whereas in the other animation, the animator used small cuts of cardboard to keep the stick man standing up.



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