Fire Composition (After Effects)

For this task I used the application Adobe After Effects, even though I have used this programme before I used tools I had not come across yet. Additionally instead of animating a fire image I found on the internet, I made the fire from scratch on Adobe After Effects.

The first step was to open a tutorial given by my tutor which gave me the steps to create the fire (link is attached). This guide told me to alter effects such as CC Particle Systems II, Fast Blur, CC Vector Blur, Echo, Directional Blur, Curves, Curves 2, Turbulent Displace and Glow. This allowed me to create both the fire and the smoke- this was a new technique for me so I had to keep checking of the guide to make sure I was doing it correctly. After that all I had to do was export it as a mp4. file.

The final step was to create the smoke that appeared once the fire got big enough and the tool I used was ‘Particle Playground’, I then altered the colour, size and opacity of the particles, making the illusion of smoke.

Overall I am pleased with the result and I feel that I have learnt a new skill that may help me in the future if I want to avoid copyright issues (with making fire) and make an animation more original. Even though I do enjoy the piece due to it looking semi-realistic, it could have been better if I added a background to the animation, possibly a medieval castle ground to match the stone bonfire.

After Effects Particles

Just to make my fire more interesting I decided to change the bottom half of the flame to blue, these two colours seem to compliment each other in media today, some examples would be the many web series including ‘Red Vs Blue’ and ‘Dick Figures’ superheroes such as ‘Spider Man’, ‘Captain America’, and ‘Superman’ and even video game characters like ‘Vergil’ and ‘Dante’ from Devil may Cry.

red and bluejpg


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