Photoshop Fill-in

A lot of concept art is based off characters or scene in video games, where an artist first draws out a basic image in their hand either draws in online or offline using materials such as paints, pens and pencils. When making digital concept art, online artists usually fill in spots with images, whether it be an image of the sky, ground, mountain or even small textures like grass, bricks, weaponary, etc. Below are a few pieces of concept art from Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, the latest game in the Uncharted collection. We can see that in a few of the images that images could’ve been used, for example the clouds/ ocean in the first and third image, trees in the second image and possibly the ocean waves and weaponary in the last image.

The first stage of my own concept fill-in art was drawing a scene off the top of my head, the first one that came to mind was the carnival scene at the beginning of DmC: Devil may Cry where the protagonist finds himself at a demonic pier in ‘Limbo’. This I thought would be an interesting considering some parts of the map have sort of an over growing demonic fungus that would be fun to attempt to draw. Additionally this scene appears to have a fill-in part of its own, the ocean view and sky, however it seems to have a filter on it so it seems to be hand drawn. I feel like I could’ve improve my drawing by working more on the perspective of the spinning wheel, as I believe I did not get the angle correct- the carts closer to the viewer should be higher and possibly larger in size.

Once I had finished the drawing, I uploaded to photoshop where I began to colour in parts of the drawing, so the floor, background and spinning wheel. I decided to go for a red/ demonic theme so then it was related to the original image and I could cross defence the game if I was struggling for a colour theme. I wanted the carts on the ride to be grey due to most spinning ride carts being this colour and I didn’t want to draw too much attention to them in the photo.

After drawing in block colours I then got into collecting images and filling in my photo. I started with the flooring where I got an image off the internet and placed it on the section of light brown, as the photo was straight I had to work on the perspective by going to Image> Free Transform, then I was able to reshape the photo. One photo wasn’t able to fit in the light brown section so I had to duplicate it and transform it even more. After getting the floor boards together, I then used the Clone Stamp Tool so the two photos would merge as one and after that I altered the contrast, additionally I used the Polygon Lasso Tool to crop the photos in the shape of the light brown layer. To help with the cropping of the image, I had to turn down the opacity so I could see both the coloured and drawn layers.

Following that I then found Ferris wheel carts and put a filter on them, much like some games do in their concept art, the filter Cutout seemed most appropriate as it makes a photo appear that it is hand drawn. Additionally I drew the fencing around the pier and the base of the ride. Duplicating the carts was next, with that I reshaped, angle and altered the contrast on the few to make them appear that they’re further away. With that I decided to start on the black ‘fungus’ that appears with in the game, I started this by drawing plain black shapes over the top of certain areas such as the fencing, spinning wheel and building and then I went over it with white and dark warm colours like brown and red. In order to get the spiky effect I selected the Smudge Tool and made the brush very small so I could make more of a point, whilst also smudging the colours together. To make the fungus appear less uniform I also cropped some parts out using the Polygon Lasso Tool.

The next step was to make the spinning wheel appears more in depth, by doing this I used the Burn and Sponge Tool, which would either create a lighter or darker tone depending on what part i selected. I had never used this tool before but it was very easy to use and I can imagine using it in the future if I ever want to make tiny details lighter or darker without making a new layer just for shadows or lighting. I used the Burn Tool on the carts furthest away and the back of the pier, building and sky (which I later ended up smudging to create a demonic-ripped-sky effect). Considering I wanted the image to consist of dark red and other warm colours, I altered the carts by going ImageHue&Saturation. Much like I did with the floor board, I got two wooden window panels and put them on the building and changed the perspective, I added tone with the Burn and Sponge tool too.

Overall I am pleased with the out come of this photo, however I do believe that they are aspects that could be improved on such as the perspective of the spinning wheel, fencing and building. Additionally I feel that the wooden window panels could’ve had a filter put on them because they seem to stand out a lot in my final image- decreasing the opacity or just using a part of the photo may be a wise idea in the future. A demonic carnival is defintley the vibe I get from my photo, especially with the red sky and demonic fungus, this was a good start to concept art for me.I think that if I practice more, then I will be able to make much better scenes.




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