Colosseum Practice (Maya)

This was the first time I used the 3D modelling programme, Maya. In practice I made a Colosseum based on the reconstruction of the Temple of Concordia, Akragas, however I did reduce down certain things such as number of columns and detail as I have only just started using this programme. The first step was […]

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Parallax Effect (Photoshop)

Similar to my ‘8-Bit Portrait’, I made a gif using Adobe Photoshop 2015, however with this gif I tried to incorporate the ‘Parallax Effect’. The parallax effect is when certain objects and landscapes are displaced in someone’s line of sight, for example when someone is looking out of the window of a speeding car and the […]

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Game Level (Task 1)

Based in Greek mythology, my game will be based on sibling relationships between Poseidon and his siblings (Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Hestia and Hera). In this game, Hades will rebel against the gods because he desires to rule both the world and underworld, however his brothers and sisters are heavily against that. In his anger, Hades kidnaps […]

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