Game Level (Task 1)

Based in Greek mythology, my game will be based on sibling relationships between Poseidon and his siblings (Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Hestia and Hera). In this game, Hades will rebel against the gods because he desires to rule both the world and underworld, however his brothers and sisters are heavily against that. In his anger, Hades kidnaps all the siblings, but one manages to escape, Poseidon God of the ocean. Poseidon (the protagonist) will have to rescue his siblings and stop Hades before it is too late. Mythical creatures will be featured in this 8-bit style game too such as Medusa, Chimera, Hydra, etc. The two main locations in ‘Betrayal’ will be Underworld and Mount Olympus (the first level where Poseidon will face off Medusa to get into underworld and rescue his first sibling, Hestia). With in Underworld, the player will encounter iconic places such as ‘Charon’s Ferry’, ‘Underworld’s Main Gate’, ‘Judgement Pavillion’ and ‘Hade’s Palace’.

The first character to be rescued will be Hestia who will give Zeus a secondary weapon, daggers, which can also be charged up with mana, like his water tridents. This will then be followed by Dementer giving Poseidon a life & mana expansion, then Hera who will assign him with a fire ability and finally Zeus who will grant Poseidon with lighting bolts as well as another health/ mana upgrade.

In my 2D platformer, Poseidon will mainly be venturing through the underworld rescuing his siblings while eliminating demons that are in his way- some of which unlock the siblings, Cerberus “hound of Hades” will be guarding the cell of Zeus. I got the idea of defeating a boss to rescue a character from the adventure action game, Kameo: Elements of Power, Kameo would rescue relatives who would give her more creatures to morph into. However instead of transforming into creatures, new weaponry/ upgrades would be available to the protagonist of the game.

Mana and health will be able to be collected my either defeating enemies where they drop items or chests found in various secret areas that the player can find, giving my game more of an adventurous feel to it. This idea came from the 2014 game ‘Shovel Knight’ where the protagonist finds chests in hidden areas which contain gems  to help buy upgrades and improvements. The concept of buying upgrades will also be a part of the game as well however this wont be a main objective, the currency will be ‘Sprites’, this will be rare to find and they will only be able 10 in each level- these could be used to increase weapon power, life, mana, new abilities such double jump, looking further in the map, run faster, etc.

When it comes to levels, most of my game will be based in Hades’ Underworld, so the main colours being used will be red, orange and black. Even though it will be based in the Underworld, each level will have a slightly different background however they will have a similar colour wheel and the player will know when they can enter the next level because there will be a large gate that the protagonist enters, much like the image below. Hades’ Palace will look like the demented castle photo below, which is actually a screen shot from the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief- it will be a mix of that interior and the Dark Dungeon from Super Mario/ Super Mario Bros.

These will be most of the features that I have in my video game, however I will need to add a few more characteristics for games such as music, sound, animation, etc. I believe that good story games have to intrigue the audience by giving them an element of surprise, so this’ll be why the player can only see a certain section of the level instead of seeing all of it, that and there will only be a rough description as to who or what will be coming up next. With that the speech will pop up with 8-bit speech bubbles, much like ‘The Escapist’ but the bubbles in my game will be white, this way it will contrast well with the dark coloured background. Additionally it will match the rest of my games 8-bit style, the sound of the speech will also be like a futuristic beeping/ typing, very similar to the speech in Pokemon Red when the characters interact with one another.

The user interface will be minimal so then then the player wouldn’t get too distracted from both the game play and visuals, additionally in most 2D 8 bit platformers, this amount of UI is common, for example ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ had only a count of Time, Rings and Lives in the top right corner and in ‘Heart into Darkness’ there was no UI, just the characters and background. In ‘Betrayal’, there will be a Lives, Sprites and Time Counter on the top left of the screen and mana/ health bars on the right so the player can keep an eye on the statistics whilst not having it obstruct their view. When facing a boss there will be a life bar underneath the protagonist’s then the player doesn’t have to look far to figure the health of the enemy. I decided to do this because I believe that when classic video games have no life bars for the enemies, it makes games very challenging.

As an overview, my game will be a pixelated style much like the classic video games, that includes the UI, characters and speech. My game, ‘Betrayal’ is also about the brother/ sibling rivalry between Hades and his siblings, with Poseidon attempting to rescue them all. I hope to give people both a lesson of a few of the Greek Gods’ family tree as well as keeping them in suspense with what happens next when it comes to the safety of Poseidon’s siblings.


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