Colosseum Practice (Maya)

This was the first time I used the 3D modelling programme, Maya. In practice I made a Colosseum based on the reconstruction of the Temple of Concordia, Akragas, however I did reduce down certain things such as number of columns and detail as I have only just started using this programme.

The first step was to create a small cuboid with the y scale of 0.15, this would be the column bases and top (duplicating the shape and re positioning is a step I did to get the identical shape and x angle). After that was the cylinder itself which I got by selecting the tab Polygon Cylinder, I then altered the sizes in the Input tab; radius to 0.4, height to 8, subdivision axis to 32, and leave both subdivision height & caps at 1. This created a large shape which I then positioned above my column , following that I inserted a Polygon Torus on top of that with the subdivision height & axis of 12 and finished off the entire column with a base on top.

Once I completed my main column shape, I then had to create the step/ flooring underneath. Like before I created this shape from selecting the Polygon Cube, however I changed the width to 12, height to 0.2 and the depth to 16. This next step was somewhat challenging because as well as not using Maya before, the Insert edge Tool was new to me too. This option is found by going Mesh ToolsInsert Edge Loop Tool, once selected a tab would appear where I could adjust the number of edge loops that would show up once I double clicked on the edge of a shape. Once I did that, I move the two lines to the edge of the shape leaving enough room for a step and then repeated the edge loop technique but with lines perpendicular to the previous one. By holding down the middle mouse button a seperate menu would pop up, I then clicked the Face tool and went to Edit MeshExtrude (a tool I have worked with before on Cinema 4D). Following that, I repeated this process and created 3 more steps and moved the column to sit on the base.

Once creating the stairs, I created duplicated my column into a 5×3 pattern on top on top of the stair and then I created another polygon on top of those columns, to make a roof. With my first polygon I used the Edge Loop Tool and changed the number of edge loops to 1 and and increased the size by dragging the y-axis arrow up. To make my 3D sculpture to look like the Temple of Concordia I added more cuboids between the roof and columns, varying in both depth, length and width.

Just under the roof of the Temple of Concordia, there are small details on the red block, to do these I inserted a polygon again like before and made them a custom size where the z and x axis are equal whereas the y axis just fits between these two blocks. Once I created a group of three I then duplicated them going round the Colosseum with the pattern of a group above a column and one in between. To prevent the tedious task of pasting the group each time, i highlighted a line of them and then duplicated them, this made this section much easier.

The Temple of Concordia also has columns that have an entasis pattern (a consistent carved pattern going around the column). To do this I had to reduced the amount of subdivisions axis to 28 so then I could accomplish that look. Rather than repeating this process for each individual column, I deleted the plain cylinders and replaced them with the duplicates of the carved one. Additionally I observed the fact that the base of the columns were larger than the top so in order to do that I clicked the right mouse button to bring up a side menu and then selected Vertex, this tool allowed be to select the corners of each ridge in made. To make the base larger all I did was highlight the bottom vertexes, select the Resize Tool and make them the appropriate size.

In conclude my Colosseum looks very realistic and very close to the image I was originally working off, I feel that once I get to learn the other tools in Maya i will be able to paint my 3D sculpture and morph it into what the Colosseum looks like today rather that the reconstruction of it.As for now I am happy with how my sculpture turned out as I had never used Maya before and it was interesting using a different programme to ones I was used to.



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