Animating (Maya)

Maya is a 3D modelling software that is also used for animating and developing characters/ objects. Animation was completely new to me on Maya, however I had used this programme before for modelling when it came to my ‘Making Colomn’ blog. The task that was given was to animate three¬†different shapes racing one another to […]

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Film Noir

When creating a scene for a film/ short story there are many key components filmmakers need to do prior such as casting, script writing and storyboards. With in my group we had a cameraman (Thomas Duncan), director (Matthew Roberts), actor (Nichola Humphreys) and props/ location manager (Zachary Creer). This is the storyboard that I created […]

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Game Level (Task 2)

When it comes to creating a game, sketches are needed prior to create¬†characters, props, backgrounds and weapons in clearer detail. An example of this would be in Overwatch, the 2016 MMO game released by Blizzard, where we can see the design for one of the iconic charcters, Tracer. These images show the processes of the […]

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