Film Noir

When creating a scene for a film/ short story there are many key components filmmakers need to do prior such as casting, script writing and storyboards. With in my group we had a cameraman (Thomas Duncan), director (Matthew Roberts), actor (Nichola Humphreys) and props/ location manager (Zachary Creer). This is the storyboard that I created for my team’s film noir scene, on here you can see what dialogue will be for each shot whether it be diegetic or non diegetic, what type of shot it is and I’ve even pointed out the direction in which the protagonist will be moving. Our scene was based on a character walking up a set of stairs carrying a heavy bag, then approaching a window seeing someone on their phone and saying “got you”.

My storyboard consisted of 4 pages with 4 frames on each page, however I feel that if I had more storyboard sheets when it came to planning in the beginning, I would’ve been able to draw more detailed scenes, like the additional ones for when our actor is in the lift. I find that most of my frames are clear to follow when it comes to sound, direction and shot, where as frames such frame 2, shot 3 and scene 4, frame 2 because my drawings are slightly unclear and difficult to make out. Something that I feel is also good about my storyboards is so similar to the final cut of out short film noir scene, we attempted to mimic the drawings exactly, the only frame where we didn’t do that is scene 1, frame 4 because on the storyboard it was a side shot of the shoes but the shot in our scene was filmed from behind.On the other hand I do believe that they could’ve been improved if I had used a finer utensil such as a pen or biro, then I key aspect could be seen in each frame instead of faint pencil marks.

We created our mini Film Noir scene using Adobe Premiere Pro, a program I am familiar with as I have used it with such projects as ‘Warburtons Advert’, ‘Animating Running Man’ and ‘Paralax Effect’. At first I made a completely unedited version of our scene and uploaded it so then I could see if I need to delete any scene or slow a few down as I had to attempt to get the video to a duration of 2 minutes. Additionally with the first cut I could if any clips needed to have the audio altered, for example the scene where the actor crawls out of the lift and the directors voice is over the top. When it came to filming my group did retake few shots if they were bystanders in the background or the shot was slightly off. Personally I believe that more close ups of the actors hands and feet could’ve been added when it came to walking around however the ones that we captured appeared to work well.

The final piece of this task (the final cut of our short) turned out extremely well as I was able to make the whole atmosphere quite tense with the faint heart beat and quiet diegetic sounds, I feel that this matched the black and white tone of the video rather well. The way I was able to get rid of the directors voice yet still have audio for the lift scene was that I got the sound clip from the scene where the actor was crawling into the lift and replaced it. This could’ve been avoided if we had retook the scene but I am happy with the outcome of it. As well as changing the audio, I also slightly tilted all of the used clips then this could portray that the actor was injured and that she was one a lonesome adventure to find whoever/ whatever she was looking for.  Likewise this could’ve been achieved while filming, to get more in the mise en scene, but I feel like it worked better as I could capture more emotion by zooming in on the actors face. Something that I feel that I could improve on this on video is the level of volume as it does seem to be incredibly low, next time when creating a film noir scene that’s tense, I’ll make sure to have it as a reasonable volume. When it came to the one line that the actor says “got ya”, I wanted it to seem very dramatic, so what you can see is that i made sure the other audio files faded before her line was said, that way it would appear that everything stood still apart from the protagonist seeing the person, I used the tool bar ‘Exponential fade’ and stretch it across the chosen clip. One more thing that could make this video better is the subtraction of all the door signs and props around the college, for example in the shots where the actor barges into the classroom, leaning on the door handle and in the lift where there are a few on the side of the lift- something can be easily avoiding when shooting a noir scene in the future.

Overall I am pleased with how my group’s film noir scene turned out and I believe I edited it fairly well, this is probably due to me being so familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro as i do use it to make my own personal videos that I upload on my channel, ‘NerdDoWell’. However I did learn new features of this application like trimming audio and replacing it over the top of another clip. Following that, I do like the level of black and white on my piece as it does capture the aspect of the old school film noir movies/ short sketches where they were black and white. Though like I said previously, I personally belive that some scenes could be improved if we did a few more retakes or even recorded seperate audio to the videos.


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