Shading (Maya)

Previously I have had trouble aligning colour to objects in the 3D modelling programme Maya, this task helped me to understand how to shade an object using both a solid colour and a stock image. The object I attempted to shade in this task was an ordinary 4×4 polygon cube. BLOCK COLOUR My first step, after […]

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Creative Thinking

This task shows that each person thinks differently- giving someone instructions but not telling them the outcome can bring out creativity and imagination. This is the process in which I was given the instructions and how I interpreted it. These were the steps I was given: -Draw an egg shape -Draw a smaller circle touching the […]

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Bouncing Ball (Maya)

This is my second attempt with animating with the 3D programme Maya, however this is more to do with the physics of an object rather than playing around with the different key frame movements. With this practice task I animated a sphere as it were a bouncing ball on a flat surface, this including manipulating the […]

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Film Noir Trailer Task 2

My team’s film noir trailer will be based on L.A Noire’s case file, “The Lipstick Murder”, this is where a serial goes around killing women and leaving a cryptic message on the bodies using lipstick. My group’s alternative story is where the chief of the police department (Tom) is the serial killer who has murdered two […]

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Game Level (Task 3 PROGRAMMING)

Previously I had used the application Unreal Engine 4, was to programme a walking sequence fro my basic character design. For this task I had programmed a lot more, including platforms, jumping sequence, background and spikes. This part of creating my game, ‘Betrayal’, was quite challenging as I did keep running into problems that were unfamiliar […]

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3D Animation Task 1

3D animation is a very common animation type in modern day media, especially when it comes to companies such as Walt Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky. Pixar’s Toy Story was the first 3D fully animated movie, first released in 1995. However Pixar did not use popular programmes such as Maya or Cinema 4D, but a […]

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Game Level (Task 3 DESIGN)

After drawing my designs on paper I then had to move on to the task of creating each feature online, ready to put into my game, this would be the final designs. I started with one of the features that weren’t going to have a pixelated filter put on, the health/ mana bar. I went […]

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