Walking Cycle (Unreal)

My game, ‘Betrayal’ was to be made on Unreal Engine, a programme used to make games such as Bioshock and Batman: Arkham Knight. As a practice for this engine I worked on the walking cycle to see if I could achieve it as I had never used this before and everything was completely new to me.

The first step was selecting 2D Side Scroller on the start menu which the brought me to this screen. Following that I imported my Poseidon sprite sheets by moving the files to the Unreal folder. Once in the Unreal folder I was working on, I right clicked on the one I was going to be animating and selected Sprite Actions> Extract Sprites, popping up another tab with all my figures separated from one another. Once they were imported, I highlighted all of the individual sprites and double clicked them bringing me another tab with all of the sprites listed and on the right menu bar I changed the Pivot Mode from Center Center to Bottom Center (by changing the pivot as a group it’s saves me time doing each sprite one by one). When the sprite sheet was created, I noticed that the sprite sequence moved very quickly, in order to slow down the speed, I double clicked on the flipbook I created and dragged each frame so then they lasted longer. For walking, each sprite was two frames long, as well as the stance, however I did vary the lengths for jumping so the frames would be clearer when the player is in the air.

When double clicking the 2D Side Scroller Character, a menu screen would pop up with boxes connecting to one another with curved white lines. To view it better I dragged the tab up to join the one with game preview. Following that I selected the Viewpoint tab, showing me a 3D view of the blue character. To import my flipbooks into the game, I selected Source Flipbook and changed it from IdleAnimation to A_Stance (my stance animation). Additionally because my character was so large at first,  did have to change the scale and capsule size, however this was quite easy as I just used the Transform tab. After that I could open the game by selecting PlayNew Window and I could move my character around in the game.

In conclusion I feel that I have learned a useful skill for the future when it comes to creating a 2D platformer, however I still have much to learn such as creating a jump animation, placing in NPC’s (non playable characters) and other features such as backgrounds, platforms and user interfaces. The Unreal Engine is a programme that I’d be happy to return to, even though it is difficult to know what all the other tabs and buttons do.


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