Creative Thinking

This task shows that each person thinks differently- giving someone instructions but not telling them the outcome can bring out creativity and imagination. This is the process in which I was given the instructions and how I interpreted it. These were the steps I was given:

-Draw an egg shape

-Draw a smaller circle touching the egg

-Put a smaller circle with in the circle you just drew

-Draw three straight lines inside the egg

-To the bigger circle add two coming out of it, connecting it on one side

-Draw two lines coming out of the egg and then one line connecting them both

-Add two smaller lines on the bottom on the egg

-Finally add two smaller lines to the the ones you just drew.

Once I drew my mysterious shape I then opened it up on Adobe Photoshop 2015 and coloured in each individual layer making each of them stand out from each other. As it was an abstract shape, I decided to create an abstract background, this was done by finding a field image and altering the Hue & Saturation.

After creating my image online, the image of the final outcome was revealed and it was supposed to be a duck, this shows how my/ our imagination can expand if we are not limited to the final results.



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