Green Screen Research

Green screen is a modern day technique that many industries use to make a movie, making it easier to place a character in an environment without physically putting them there. One of the first green screens used in the film industries was in the 1930’s by Linwood Dunn to create windshield wipers on a car […]

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VR Trailer Task 1

As technology is increasing, games are becoming more immersive.When it comes to advertising video games, companies are becoming more and more innovative with their trailers, using techniques such as live action, CGI and 3D animation. My group and I have been aligned the task of creating our own VR trailer using live action. Live action is […]

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Film Noir Trailer Task 6

After gathering the footage Matthew Roberts edited them into a trailer just over 2 minutes long. Most of the video had a Blue Ice filter placed on it in Photoshop 2016 and the text titles were edited using After Effects 2015.¬†Below you can see the video prior and after added in the special effects. The […]

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Computer Game Advertisement

Video games are such a large party of society today and new video games almost get the same amount of enthusiasm towards them compared to a new TV drama or Blockbuster. Video game companies advertise their product through many different ways some including posters, teaser images and the most common way, trailers. By putting up […]

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Film Noir Trailer Task 5

During our recording we had to make sure the camera equipment used was treated accordingly as it wouldn’t have been easy to¬†replace them, especially when it came to the DSLR and the Tascam recorder as they had the memories cards that contained the recorded files. It is very important in film industries to save their […]

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Film Noir Trailer Task 4

While going out to record our trailer, I had assistance from Oscar Holmes (@oscaryh_ on Twitter) to record behind the scenes of out trailer. When recording films it is interesting to see behind the scenes of films to see what it is like for actors to perform without the CGI/ non diegetic sounds as well […]

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Film Noir Trailer Task 3

After planning each individual roles to each other, next was to create the pre-production including script, costume planning, call sheets and prop planning. My job in this group would be to create the main script and storyboards, which we would then develop with other ideas and concepts. Additionally I would assist Matthew Roberts in the […]

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