Game Level Task 4

‘Betrayal’ is a RPG 2D platformer game where the player gets to play the role as Poseidon, one of the twelve deities from Greek mythology. In this story the protagonist has to rescue his siblings from Hades, who kidnapped them due to conflict between siblings. The style I was going for was a bright 70s theme mixed with the retro 8-bit designs seen in early arcade games. For more advertising I created a few different gaming posters to promote my game, I did this using Photoshop 2017 based on indie game posters.

Currently my game has basic game mechanics however if I knew more advanced programming on Maya then I would be able to achieve features such as NPCs, moving platforms, the background having more of a Parallax Effect, collectables and enabling weapons. As my game stands at the moments Poseidon can run and jump across the level, when it comes to the level I have created starting wall so the player can not walk off the level and there are platforms that the player can go to gather collectables and avoid spikes. When shooting, the player will have a weapon shoot from Poseidon’s arm and travel in a straight line depending on what way the play is facing, the weapon will be the one the player has selected and will be indicated by the health/ mana bar on the top right of the screen.

The game mechanics are very similar to classic platformer games where the main playable character jumps from platform to platform trying to progress throughout the game and jumping/ shooting monsters that block their path. The plan for my game was to have NPC (Non Playable Characters) roaming through the world and would grant the player mana points when eliminated. The protagonist would be able to defeat creatures with either their mana or jumping on their head, however the larger creatures would take more damage to eliminate. These enemies will fade out once their health is down. Additionally they will be limited to a certain area and will only remain on a flat surface so then they don’t just fall off the level.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 10.39.24.png

Speaking of mana, during my game there will be User Interfaces located at the top right of the screen showing the players health, mana and weapon selected (fireball, trident, dagger), the player will be able to flick through each of the weapons depending on their choice, the mana will count for all of the weapons combined. As Poseidon gets damaged the top bar (health) will decrease, this is much larger than the mana bar as this is more important to a player compared to mana.

Other sprite sheets included Poseidon walking, jumping & shooting, enemies, checkpoints and health and mana stops. When Poseidon was to pass these features on a level, they would change colour, like we see in the checkpoint sprite sheet, it will go from grey to orange. The health/ mana bars will regenerate all of Poseidon’s health or mana and will only fill up his health or mana after he respawns at the previous checkpoint (either after dying or reloading the game back up).

As this is the first time creating a level using Unreal Engine I feel that I managed to complete a well produced platform game, even if I wasn’t able to add UI such as non playable characters, health/ mana bars and interactive objects. The gameplay itself flows very well, the character is able to move and when jump when I active the according key and the cycles show up clearly when I do have Poseidon doing a specific action. I feel that if I had more time/ knowledge about using Unreal to make a 2D platformer then the overall playing experience would be much better. Another thing that is good about my game is the bright level design, making it clear as to what way a player should go.

On the other hand this game could be slightly better if I had designed Poseidon’s features a little bit clearer for example making Poseidon look more like a God rather than a 70s dancer, this could be done by making the design on his tunic lighter and more transparent so it was more of a subtle designs. Furthermore if I was able to add in the shooting cycle and the crouching cycle just then the actions could be there rather than not being used. Almost every single game ever made had background music or some diegetic/ non diegetic sound so if I had researched more into that, it would’ve made more of an immerse experience.

Peer Assessment:

“your game uses a wide range of vibrant colours which aids your chosen level and makes it stand out from other platformers and your animations run smoothly with the characters movements. your level design is well thought out and is easy to navigate through.

you could improve your game by adding some music/sounds and by making the spikes do damage to the character.”



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