Computer Game Advertisement

Video games are such a large party of society today and new video games almost get the same amount of enthusiasm towards them compared to a new TV drama or Blockbuster. Video game companies advertise their product through many different ways some including posters, teaser images and the most common way, trailers.

By putting up posters around I public people are able to realise that there is a new up coming game and what the release date is. Some of these public places include billboards, posters on side of buildings, bus stops and even on the side of buses/ coaches, this gives the public see them on their daily commute whether they are walking or driving. Having a poster or print exceed the size of the usual advertising space catches the eye of viewers better as it appears extraordinary and therefore getting more people to talk about that game.

Teaser images or trailers are usually published on game companies’ social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc) and a prime example would be Rockstar’s ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ where they only released a part of the poster to promote their new game even though there was no title, release date or company name. However when Rockstar released the rest of the poster it had no information about the game itself, only that the trailer was coming soon. This is a very good way of advertisement as it gets ‘gamers’ excited for a new game even before the trailer has been released.

Much like films video games also release teaser trailers here we can see the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series’. Teaser trailer are released before the full length trailer to get gaming enthusiasts excited about the next trailer and video game. Most of the time the teaser trailer barely gives away any kind of story and usually just have the title, company, music and a handful of graphics. Trailers on the other hand, depending on the genre, have a lot of action in it and are usually from the perspective of a character with in the game, however much like the teaser trailer tend to not give too much away story wise. The main opponents that are released in the full length trailers are main characters, possible in-game locations, enemies and obstacles that might get in a players way. One trailer that does this extremely well is ‘Battlefield 1’ where as as well as having all the features I just listed it includes the well known rock song ‘Seven Nation Army’, which was remixed by Glitch Mob, making it more aggressive and loud. “emphasis on overt masculinity and sexuality”

Additionally a large company such as Activision, Bethesda and GameSpot use real life actors in their trailers to create live action trailers to attract fans from other interests to play a game, for example, Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne, and Marshawn Lynch in the ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Live Action Trailer’.

If a song becomes popular due to a video game trailer then it is released for download for everyone to listen to, therefore getting people even more excited for the trailer by listening to the music. Like wise with the brand new Naughty Dog game ‘The Last of Us 2’. By having soundtracks give the gaming company to get the opportunity in gaining additional money from selling both physical and digital albums.

To keep the players interested for a game, demos are released to the public which gives them a chance to play the game before it’s even released, this gives players a chance to try out the game before the release date, players are usually limited to a certain level or boundary for demos. Usually demos are free but if it a well advertised game with a large production company then  companies may charge players. To promote the release of demos, games are played to audiences in conventions so then they can preview the game prior to downloading it and get exclusive behind the scenes content including interviews from creators and never before seen features.


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