VR Trailer Task 1

As technology is increasing, games are becoming more immersive.When it comes to advertising video games, companies are becoming more and more innovative with their trailers, using techniques such as live action, CGI and 3D animation. My group and I have been aligned the task of creating our own VR trailer using live action. Live action is a technique where a real life actor is put into an animated environment using a green screen and stunt equipment. In my team is Nichola Humphreys (myself), Thomas DuncanMatthew Roberts and Zachary Creer. My personal role will be props designer, costume designer and editor, Thomas Duncan will be director and enemy designer, locations manager and animator, Matthew Roberts will equipment set up, graphics, sound and weapons creator and Zachary Creer will be the weapons designer, actor and writing up all the documentation.. I’ve written down a few rough ideas about what our trailer can be based off and a few ideas we’ve been through.

When writing down a few different ideas from both myself and my group, we have come up with an idea of having a futuristic theme much like the style of the franchise ‘Tron’ mixed with the current VR style of game, for example Job Simulator, Space Pirate and Danger Ball. Neon and flashing lights will attract players in-game and be interested in what this game is about as well as how to play it. Having costumes similar to those in ‘Tron’ will give the illusion of future in gaming and/ or a science fiction themed game. Additionally the first person shooter scene from the music video ‘MeMeMe!’ has given me a few ideas when it comes to what some shots could look like.

For the transition between virtual reality and the real world we looked at the following trailers for a few ideas. As we will be using live action with in our trailer we thought that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 trailer would be ideal as it’s considered one of the best live action trailers coming from that franchise with the addition of celebrities to keep audiences interested in the trailer. To get a few ideas between switching between virtual reality and real life we looked at VR trailers and animations of virtual game play animation, especially a VR Smash Bros animation created by animator Charlie Grubel and the PS VR trailer as this has been the latest VR headset that has been released into the gaming world.

Our teaser trailer will be located in someone’s room so then viewer’s can relate to the trailer rather that it being in a completely new environment.

For environment we decided to look at different science fiction games where the protagonist is placed on a alien planet with unknown structures around them, games franchises including Halo (4 and 5), Transformers Cyberton, Portal and Deus Ex (Mankind Divided). Similar features that we see with in all of these level designs are high mechanical walls, neon lights, a blue hue and broken down technology scattered across the floors and walls. Something that we will change for our trailer is that we’re going to have a small room that the player starts from and have two large doors open where the bots will emerge from in waves. The style of these environments also fits in with the futuristic cyber feel. I believe that basing our trailer off a game that is already out for VR headsets allows us to get a feel of what a player can experience or would want to experience during an immersive game.

We’ve decided to base the enemies off other video game characters in current Sci-Fi video games; Guilty Spark 343, Wheatley from Portal 2, enemy bots from Space Pirates and Sentry Turrets from Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Our concept/ asset artist Thomas Duncan gave the idea that before the enemies strike they will have a light blue glow but when they do strike, their colour will go from blue to red and shoot lasers at the player. Seeing as our game is going to be an arcade game similar to Space Pirate and Guitar Hero, and the enemies appear in swarms, we’ve decided to call them ‘Swarm Bots’.

Character design will be key as well as there will be two different costumes for the same characters; one being a casual gamer outfit and the other being a futuristic neon suit for when the player is in the game. When it comes to the normal outfit the player will be wearing a piece of merchandise from either a gaming company or inspired off a game preferably a video that inspired this gaming concept (Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Halo, Portal, etc). To link the shirt to the game, I will create a shirt with concept art and/ or title of the video game so the viewers see that they are able to buy merchandise as well as purchasing the game. For the in-game costume we’ve decided to base the costume off the previously listed games as well as Overwatch, as there are many characters that have compacted, brightly coloured suits with some neon following the basic muscle anatomy. As the robots will be two different colours and the CSO will be on a green screen the costume will be black with white neon lights as white indicates a undecided character and cleanliness.

Seeing as our larger trailer will involve a variation of weaponry Zachary Creer will be designing the weaponry i.e. laser mini gun, assault rifle and pistol. He will be basing them off of Halo 3, Halo 4, Far Cry: Blood Dragon and Killing Floor. The guns that we had listed for the designs are the Halo 4 Supressor, Halo 4 Pulse Grenades, Halo 3 Plasma Pistol, KF (Killing Floor) Neon AK- 47, KF Neon Schneidekk and the KF Neon HSG-1 Shotgun. The glowing effects during gameplay and brightly colours designs on the mechanical effect on ordinary guns will definitely be striking when it comes to combat and will get the players enthusiastic about the design and the various guns available.

The most difficult part to create during the process will probably be creating the 3D bots as these could always develop in design, even in the final modelling process, that and getting the actor to react correctly to where the bots are in the video game. The reason as to why the bots made be so difficult is because they will be the key item of the teaser trailer and the final trailer- there will only be one in the teaser but there will be many in the longer trailer.

Potenial name ideas:

CyberCell, Invasion, Swarm, Extermination, Lights Out, C.S: Cyber Swarm, Blitzkrieg,


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