Funko Pop History

Funko was originally a bobble head company founded in 1998 by Mike Becker to create a low tech nostalgia-themed toy in a high tech filled world. Pop Vinyl! was a toy line created by Funko in 2010, heavily inspired by the Japanese style of ‘Chibi’ (short and cute). The characteristics of a Pop Vinyl! is that they tend to have a small […]

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Final Major Project Task 1

For my final major project, I will have to explore techniques and programmes that I have no used before if I want to show variety in my animation abilities. I have come up with a few different ideas for what I could do for my FMP: Create a painting and then it coming to life to tell […]

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Live Action Research

A live action film is a combination of both ordinary film and computer generated images, whether it be 2D or 3D animation. With in this technique, actors learn how to interact with objects and characters that are not physically there. Animators would usually follow the process of creating a complete animation, however instead of creating a […]

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VR Trailer Task 4

This is the final trailers, the first trailer was a quick draft of all the main eliminated together, without the detailed visual effects. After creating this trailer I then showed it to my team where we decided that the turret should change colour as that would be what happens in the game, the audio should added […]

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VR Trailer Task 3

To create my trailer I had to use the tools I am already familiar with as well as new ones. The programmes I used to create the VR trailer were Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro 2017 with tools such as ‘Shift Channel’, ‘Time Stretch’ and ‘Screen Mode’. In order to access each file that my fellow team mates created, […]

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AR Timeline

Augmented reality has only been developed over the last few decades, starting in 1968 with Ivan Sutherland. The definition of augmented reality is to create a computer generated image and place it into a users’ reality, this could be done by either done by video, sound or GPS data. In modern day we tend to see […]

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