VR Trailer Task 4

This is the final trailers, the first trailer was a quick draft of all the main eliminated together, without the detailed visual effects. After creating this trailer I then showed it to my team where we decided that the turret should change colour as that would be what happens in the game, the audio should added and the in-game screen shot should be added to the glitchy effect at the end. One thing that I personally don’t like about this trailer is that 0:25 seconds there is a quick shot of Oscar Holmes’ hand, which I had to change.

After getting the review from peers and team mates I then added the details and sound, including background music and diegetic sound. One thing that I feel that could be improved about this trailer would be if I changed the position of the glow when the camera starts to tilt as I noticed that it follows the camera, additionally it would’ve been better if the camera was a higher quality as I noticed that some areas were quite blurry and the frame rate appears to be quite low. However I do believe that the turret appears to be matching the environments well and the title is quite clear at the end of the sequence, I was concerned that it would be too thin however it does work well.

I created a questionnaire on Google Forms and sent it to my target audience, young adults between the ages 14- 22. I added all the answers to a spreadsheet and acted on them, making a new trailer.


Assessment (Responses)


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