3D Animation Task 3

Maya was the programme that I used to create my 3D stapler, using the techniques I had previously learnt such as shading, sculpting and animating. I was basing my 15 second animation off an ordinary stapler that I had documented in task 2 of the 3D animation task, however in the animation itself I would be […]

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3D Animation Task 2

For my final product I will be creating a short animation, much like Pixar, in Maya of a piece of stationary going through a variety of emotions. The piece I chose to create in Maya was a stapler, I believe this will give me more of a challenge compared to a pin or a pencil, additionally I […]

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3D Animation Task 1

3D animation is a very common animation type in modern day media, especially when it comes to companies such as Walt Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky. Pixar’s Toy Story was the first 3D fully animated movie, first released in 1995. However Pixar did not use popular programmes such as Maya or Cinema 4D, but a […]

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