Flowing Grass (After Effects)

Similar to the ‘Fire Composition (After Effects) task, I had a guide to give me the basic instructions for a new tool, but I was able to alter certain layers and add extra pieces if I wanted to. The tools I used in this task, on Adobe After Effects, was CC Slant, Position and Rotate (the position and rotate tools were […]

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Running Man Animation

For practice for future animation I was taught how to do basic animation with a stickman walking. Additionally I managed to get a stickman to jump over a park bench once I got the basic idea of animating. The programme used was After Effects CC and the main tool I used to move the stick man’s joints was […]

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User Interface Animation

As a task I had to get all of my User Interface elements and animate them on to a moving image. The programme that I used was Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 to arrange all the various layers and create certain features such as the map markers and the different stages of the […]

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