Shading (Maya)

Previously I have had trouble aligning colour to objects in the 3D modelling programme Maya, this task helped me to understand how to shade an object using both a solid colour and a stock image. The object I attempted to shade in this task was an ordinary 4×4 polygon cube. BLOCK COLOUR My first step, after […]

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Bouncing Ball (Maya)

This is my second attempt with animating with the 3D programme Maya, however this is more to do with the physics of an object rather than playing around with the different key frame movements. With this practice task I animated a sphere as it were a bouncing ball on a flat surface, this including manipulating the […]

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Animating (Maya)

Maya is a 3D modelling software that is also used for animating and developing characters/ objects. Animation was completely new to me on Maya, however I had used this programme before for modelling when it came to my ‘Making Colomn’ blog. The task that was given was to animate three different shapes racing one another to […]

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Colosseum Practice (Maya)

This was the first time I used the 3D modelling programme, Maya. In practice I made a Colosseum based on the reconstruction of the Temple of Concordia, Akragas, however I did reduce down certain things such as number of columns and detail as I have only just started using this programme. The first step was […]

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