Creative Thinking

This task shows that each person thinks differently- giving someone instructions but not telling them the outcome can bring out creativity and imagination. This is the process in which I was given the instructions and how I interpreted it. These were the steps I was given: -Draw an egg shape -Draw a smaller circle touching the […]

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Parallax Effect (Photoshop)

Similar to my ‘8-Bit Portrait’, I made a gif using Adobe Photoshop 2015, however with this gif I tried to incorporate the ‘Parallax Effect’. The parallax effect is when certain objects and landscapes are displaced in someone’s line of sight, for example when someone is looking out of the window of a speeding car and the […]

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8-Bit Portrait (Photoshop)

In this task we transformed portraits into an 8-bit style to look similar to retro games such as Super Mario Bros, Caste-Vania, Mortal Kombat, etc. The defintion of 8-bit graphics is a style that is limited to colours below 256, instead of being unlimited, and being constricted to a certain amount of pixels. The first […]

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Photoshop Fill-in

A lot of concept art is based off characters or scene in video games, where an artist first draws out a basic image in their hand either draws in online or offline using materials such as paints, pens and pencils. When making digital concept art, online artists usually fill in spots with images, whether it […]

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Tilt Shift Effect

The tilt shift effect is used for several reasons; to create the illusion of focusing on a specific area or to make it seem that a specific area is further away than it is in a picture. For this task I had to alter an image given to me and add the tilt shift effect […]

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Promo Flyer (Task 1.5)

Flyers are an alternative to advertising products, other than TV adverts and posters around public areas. This task involved me making 3 A5 flyers for a product; one had to be an ordinary poster, another in an appropriate place where the item is used, and a poster where it would be very unusual and almost […]

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